Sony BRAVIA Full HD 3D TV coming to Singapore this summer

Sony Singapore debuts its first ever Full HD 3D TV for the home recently. As you all know, 3D TV is the hottest product for CES 2010. I guess Singapore is not spared from the 3D TV wave. Expect to see more 3D TV coming your way soon.

Anyway, the 3D BRAVIA LX900 looks pretty good. Like watching 3D TV in the theaters, you need to wear a 3D glasses. Each BRAVIA 3D TV comes with 2 3D glasses and additional 3D glasses can be purchased separately. The 3D glasses are made in such a way that you can put it over your normal glasses. Sony is using Active shutter glasses technology for their 3D TV, therefore the glasses needs battery to operate. Don’t worry about the weight, it’s using just a flat battery that you commonly find in watches. The battery should be able to last for 10 hours before you need to replace it. This might be a show stopper for some. But when you see the effects of the 3D TV, you will find that all these are worth it.

We had a preview on watch Movie, Documentary, Sport and Games with 3D glasses. I must say that I’m pretty impressed when watching documentary. It feels as if the TV is the Polar Bear enclosure window. Very realistic. Wasn’t impressed when watching soccer match with 3D glasses. Yes, you can see the depth, but that’s all. Hisham said he saw the ball flying towards him. I didn’t see that part. But even so, we need to remember that this is a preview. How many times do you think the camera will be able to capture such shot during live broadcast?

The thing that I feel will help kick start 3D TV is gaming. We had a preview of a car racing game (Sorry, forgot the name of the game) and I love it. Can totally see myself hooked to the TV for hours playing 3D games. And Sony told us that their PS3 is able to support 3D gaming. Nice.

PS: That’s what you see on the TV without 3D glasses.
The movie industry is starting to roll out more and more 3D content. Last year, we saw Avatar by James Cameron. For 2010, we can expect more than 20 movies, including Alice in Wonderland, to be shot in 3D. Sony pictures also announced that the sequel of Spiderman series will be in 3D and released on 3 July 2012.
Apart from the 3D TV, Sony also showcase their new BRAVIA series with internet widgets and content like Youtube, Yahoo! and
Sony will be showcasing the new 3D BRAVIA TV at their booth for this coming IT Show (11 – 14 March 2010). The Sony BRAVIA Full HD 3D TV will be available in Singapore this coming summer. I was kidding with them that with the hot weather these days, it should be considered summer already.


  1. Pretty neat stuff dk! I don’t think you mentioned it, but are the active shutter glasses rechargable or do you have to keep putting in new batteries? The latter would certainly be a terrible option.
    I do think that documentaries and 3D Gaming will look amazing and will help push this technology. Same goes for well made 3D movies (and not the cheap 2D-> 3D conversions). As for sports, I think there is good potential but it will probably benefit some sports more than others. For many sports like soccer where you are looking at a zoomed out view, there is a very large focal depth and it really prevents a “pop” when viewing the content.

  2. Ryan: It’s not rechargeable. You need to keep changing battery. Sony is not the only company using this active shutter technology. I think majority of the 3D TV are using the same technology.
    I wonder if there is rechargeable battery.

  3. Hey dk,
    Wow, that sucks and is quite surprising. That would turn a lot of people off if they know that they have to keep popping in new batteries. I think those who come up with a charging dock type approach (like the PS3/XBOX controller chargers) will probably be more popular with consumers. It’s one thing to remember to just leave the glasses on the dock when not in use, but it is quite something else to go hunting for batteries and to always keep a fresh stock around for the glasses.
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..10 Reasons Why 3D TVs Will Succeed =-.

  4. I believe with either Samsung’s or LG’s, you can recharge them (via mini-USB to USB) and get about 40 hrs of life out of them.

  5. Jonny: I don’t think it’s Samsung. Was at their 3D TV launch and they didn’t mention anything about re-charging via mini-USB. No idea about LG though. Haven’t seen their 3D TV.

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