Review: X-Mini Happy

Remember X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker? It’s the winner for my 2009 Best Local Gadget. And you can imagine how excited I was when I went to their office to collect a review unit their latest creation, the X-Mini Happy.

The X-Mini Happy, in short, is a X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker with a SD card slot that converts it into a MP3 player. Or rather, the world’s smallest Boombox. The sound quality, to the non-audiophile me, is the same as the X-Mini 2 Capsule Speaker. The controls are fairly easy and straight forward. The jog dial basically does all the controlling. Press and hold the jog dial for On/Off. Press the jog dial for Play/Pause. Scroll the jog dial left/right for previous/next track. Scroll and hold the jog dial left/right to decrease/increase the volume. It’s a pity that the X-Mini doesn’t comes with a shuffle mode.

Since there is only 1 speaker, music coming out from the X-Mini Happy speaker is in mono. Like the X-Mini 2, the X-Mini Happy also comes with a Buddy Jack for you to add more speakers. Or if you want to enjoy the music alone, you can plug in a headphone and press the mute button. This sorts of convert your boombox into a personal stereo MP3 player. Earphones are provided in the retail package. What is lacking from the retail package is a lanyard for you to hang the X-Mini Happy on your neck and use it as a MP3 player. But no worries, there is a hole for you to hook your own lanyard.

The X-Mini Happy can also function as a normal Capsule Speaker when you remove the SD Card. Like the X-Mini 2, I like the way the cables coils around the speakers nicely. The X-Mini Happy has a non-removable build in battery that can be charged using the MiniUSB port. Battery life is pretty decent with 5 to 6 hours of MP3 playback or 11 hours of speaker usage.

As a whole, I love the X-Mini Happy. My only complaint is that it always revert to the default volume after you turn off the power. This can be quite a problem because the default volume is pretty high. I find myself having to quickly reduce the volume whenever I turn on the power. The X-Mini Happy also doesn’t remember the exact spot where you stop your MP3. Instead, it always start from the beginning of the song that you stopped previously.

The X-Mini Happy will make it’s debut at the coming IT Show (11 – 14 March 2010). Original retail price is S$119. First 100 units at the IT Show will be sold at a special price of S$99.
In short:
Same good X-mini 2 Capsule Speaker, now with built-in MP3 player
Amazing sound quality
Easy to use
Doesn’t remember previous volume setting
No Shuffle mode


  1. went to the IT show leh. Never saw the happy speaker. brought the iNOVA Sparrow MicroSD MP3 player boom box speaker instead. got it at promo price of $45.90 instead of $49.90. sounds great but not happy don’t have cloth pouch.

  2. TQ: I also didn’t see the X-Mini Happy at the IT Show. Maybe sold out or their booth hidden in some corner.
    How is the iNOVA Sparrow player? Is the sound quality good? So far I haven’t seen a capsule speaker that has the same quality as X-Mini.

  3. Greetings … I already x-mini owners happy ….. Stone’s fest thing .. I just noticed that when I unlock the resonator does not open fully as would be (1.5 cm mix that is loaded only 0.7 cm) … but I think it would not be a problem, or? …. earwig trap me but another thing that when playing from an SD card, at full volume it not plays a clean (about manage to speakers) … Is this normal or is it a mistake and I have to complain? .. inquire knows someone who has experience with it?
    and sorry , tihs translate google 🙂

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