Jack Neo Affair Scandal Press Conference

I guess if you are a Singaporean (or living in Singapore), you would have heard of the Jack Neo affair scandal. It’s all over the news. Well, Jack Neo had a press conference yesterday morning. If you are interested, here is the video of the press conference.

That’s the entire press conference. It ended in 3 minutes. I guess the press conference is necessary to “calm” the media. Lots of speculations are going around and there is a need to set things straight. But I think it’s a badly managed press conference. Don’t think it managed to calm anyone. The news report of the scandal keeps coming in. All the newspaper in Singapore are still reporting this.
I find it funny that some people are saying that Jack Neo is insincere. But the thing is, does he need to be sincere to us? Does he owe us an apology? I don’t think so. This is his personal affairs. The only person Jack Neo need to be sincere now is to his wife. Which I presume he has been doing for the past few days. And yes, the press conference has been cut short. It didn’t explain anything to the public. But if you watch the video, Jack Neo’s wife was crying badly after she made her statement. After all, she has been thru a lot over the past few days. And she is not in the entertainment circle. She doesn’t know how to handle the media and all the camera flashlights. If Jack Neo continue with the press conference, people will say that he is a heartless person. If he cut short the press conference, people say he is insincere during the press conference.
Both ways also wrong. Sometimes it’s tough being a human.
Then there are people who say that Jack Neo shouldn’t bring his wife along. I do somewhat agree with that. But then, perhaps she is the one who wanted to attend the press conference with him to give him support? And if she didn’t attend, the media and public will speculate that the two of them have broken up. Again, both ways also wrong.
The whole entire scandal is Jack Neo’s fault. I guess his career is now ruin and we won’t see any more film directed by him. He is fortunate to have a supporting wife. I think he doesn’t deserve to have such a good wife. This whole issue has become a media fanfare. And honestly, I’m pretty amused by all the woman who step out recently claiming that Jack Neo has attempted to woo them. Come on, attempting to woo you does not make you the number 2 or number 3 woman in this scandal. Stop trying to profit from this scandal.
I know many fans are angry over the whole scandal. But who are we to comment if the wife has already forgiven him?
I think the local media had over reported this scandal. It’s time we move on. There are bigger news out there. Like Jurong and Aljunied Town Council raising the S&C charges. Or the Romanian diplomat hit and run case. Or the budget debate. Or even the proposed change to the electoral system.
It’s time the local media give Jack Neo and his wife a break. They have lots of fixing to do in this marriage.
PS: It’s really a very badly managed press conference. The lighting should be brighter so that the reporters don’t need to use so much flashlights. There should also be a few security guard to stop the media from coming onto the stage and blocking the exit path.
Update: Jack Neo has apologized on his blog.


  1. Uh, regardless of the lighting conditions, it is just a typical paparazzi behaviour to have flashlights. Since someone is using flash, might as well use it.
    It is cool to see all those flashes and the clicking sounds, quite orgasmic, from a photographer’s point of view. hehe
    ive got nothing to say abt Jack.
    .-= Mohd Hisham´s last blog ..IT Show 2010 Highlights: PLUTO =-.

  2. I still think Jack Neo did nothing wrong. SGreans are just happy they have a scandal and someone to bash.
    And all the media is trying to do is to kill his career just to sell a few newspapers.

  3. His wife suffered, not just for a few days but for years. His children too.
    Amazingly, after such suffering, they’re going to work on preserving their marriage.
    I find that highly admirable and salute them.
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  4. Ryu: Jack Neo did nothing wrong to us. But he definitely did something wrong to his wife.
    Precious: I think most people will only salute his wife.

  5. Jenny: You wait ah….. wait long long.
    In the first place, what does this has to do with George Yeo? He should be putting his attention on all the foreign diplomats who are breaking Singapore law. Like mrbrown said, George Yeo is in charge of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not Ministry of Home Affairs. None of the people involved in this incident is foreigner and Jack Neo doesn’t stay in his GRC.

  6. everyone is being directed to be mis-directed. Its time to get to the issue.
    The man need to come out to cleanse himself, by first apologizing to all his victims.
    Instead, by throwing all the smoke around, in seeking another chance, patching up his marriage, family, religious counseling, etc what he has left out is the trauma that the victims has to endure, to be haunted in life, in love, in trust. But isn’t it strange everyone is so concern about him and his family. Karma ! The long arm of karma will seek justice no matter how much smoke you try to throw up. Wife collapse is just the first for him to see the suffering – how a mother would collapse after learning her daughter virginity has been shredded by this man.

  7. @simon,
    how do you know she was a virgin?
    You are sensationalizing the story.
    I find it incredible that a young girl knowingly had an affair with a married man and then had the cheek to confront the man’s wife for accountability on the affair! This girl’s got skewed moral compass. Shouldn’t she be apologizing to Jack’s wife instead of demanding some kind of justice from his wife?

  8. “The man need to come out to cleanse himself, by first apologizing to all his victims.”
    Sorry, who are the victims here? The only girl (that we know) who has an affair with him is a willing party. The remaining girls did not do anything other than being wooed by him.
    I don’t really classify them as victims in this scandal. The only victim I see is his wife and children.
    I used to be a believer of karma. But recent events (nothing to do with this scandal) has given me doubts in how effective karma is. Maybe this scandal would renew my faith in karma. I don’t know. See how

  9. I have no idea why Jack Neo held the press conference though. There was no expression of remorse nor apology. So it was really strange to read about Mark Lee’s remark in the straits times today that Jack had intended to apologize to a number of people at the press conference but was unable to do so because his wife had become distraught and wanted to leave immediately. The video clearly showed Jack ending the conference right after his wife ended her speech. Jack wasn’t even looking at his wife. It is clear he was not there to apologize to anyone. And i agree Jack need not apologize to anyone except his victims and family. But why all unnecessary b.s. by Mark Lee?

  10. Stephen: I totally agree with you. Oh well, the whole incident has been over sensationalized. I haven’t taken a look at the news booth today. But I’m expecting to see Jack Neo’s face on the front page again.
    Honestly, buay sian meh?

  11. Stephen: I guess you don’t need to look at her to know that she is very distraught at the press conference.
    I choose to believe what Mark Lee said.

  12. Why dragged the poor wife into the bright lights when she has been humilated enough!If she has to be there, the right thing to do is to give Jack a tight slap there and then,in front of the press.

  13. I think he is using his wife in this conference to gain sympathy from the public (poor woman). Could not stand up for his own sins.

  14. Some may think this is just between him and his wife, but some girls had claimed that he tried to lure them with the promise of acting roles. If these allegations are true, he is abusing his authority and committing a sexual harassment offence. No? Not forgetting he had sacked Marcus Chin from J-Team for the same, saying that he had tarnished the image of his company.
    The wife was needlessly dragged into the press con when she was not able to handle it since she is not a celeb. She would have been enough support just being with him at stage-side. Of course, given how she had taken everything on her own frail back thus far (e.g. she said she had been “sayanging” and consoling him like a baby for the past few days…Excuse me, who sayang who?), she could have volunteered to go for it, but given the public sentiments now, Jack should have realised people might think he was using his wife to gain sympathy (which was what happened now) and could have persuaded her against it. But of course, everything’s water under the bridge now.
    I guess it also didn’t help that some local reporters might had had beef with him for giving them grief with countless calls to demand for re-rating and reminding them about his cultural medallion status, when they gave lousy reviews for his movies. All these culminated to this media ruckus which everyone was eager to jump on.

  15. First of all, Singaporeans should wake up before giving any comments be it good or bad towards Jack Neo or Wendy Chong.
    In HK or China, it’s very common that actress or models xchange sex with a movie director or bosses just in order to get a leading role in the movie. Just take example like Zhang ZiYi, Joey Yeung, Fan Bing Bing etc… The problems here are that SG movie industry are conservative n not as open as those in Japan, HK or even China n worst of all, Singaporeans are ignorant… (I’m a true breed Singaporean but residing in HK n China for 14years)
    Jack Neo : If you choose to F-around, you have to bear the consequence since you have already received the enjoyment on the bed. Pls Jack Neo, don’t disgrace all guys. If you dare to do it, then dun shed crocodile tears infront of the camera.
    Wendy Chong : If you want to be famous by offering your body to a movie director, I suggest you step into the HK or China movie industry. Those directors over there can bring you fame overnight but not those SG movie directors… SG movie directors, actor n actress are all peanuts!!!

  16. Jack Neo cheated his wife, a few young girls and his children.
    I think he is trying to cheat his fans by calling the conference.
    He exploited his wife’s love for him by dragging her to the conference, making her suffer even more and faint. He is also trying to exploit the church to help him. If he has gone for counselling before the incident, we will believe him.
    This is despicable, contemptible and inhuman. There is a Cantonese description for an evil person like him – kwai tock sai – which means reincarnation of a devil.
    He should thank the girls for informing the press and starting the scandal. Having taught a lesson by the girls, he can now start his rebirth to be a human.
    His family should be thankful that the devil in the house has been exposed. From now on, they are going to live with a human
    in the house.

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