My hotmail got hacked – Sorry for the Spam

OK, this is embarrassing. I think my hotmail account got hacked and it was sending out email to everyone in my address book. If you received email from my hotmail account, please ignore it. The title is either “Hello”, “~~Hi~~”, “-Hi”, “+Hi+”, “Opa” or stuff like that. Most of them does not have messages or anything on it. Some of them have a link. Do not click on the link.
Terribly sorry for the inconveniences.
I have no idea how did my hotmail got hacked. Or was it hacked to begin with. Some friends suggested that it might be a virus. I’m not sure man. I wasn’t using my hotmail at that time. I wasn’t even using a PC at that time. I was using my iMac.
I don’t use that email account. The only reason why that email account exist is for my MSN and junk mails. And rightfully the address book should be empty. But as it is linked to my MSN, the address book has all the contact of those on my MSN. Sorry everyone.
I’ve changed the password. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again. And let me see if I can figure out what exactly happen.


  1. Same thing just happened to an old Gmail account of mine while I was outside mowing the lawn. Same email subject titles as well.

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