HSA issued recall on Po Chai Pills (保濟丸)

Having diarrhea? You might want to check the Po Chai Pills (保濟丸) that you are taking. Health Sciences Authority Singapore has issued a recall on Po Chai Pills (Capsule Form) . Yeap, traces of phenolphthalein and sibutramine has been found in the popular diarrhea medicine. Phenolphthalein is a cancer-causing drug while sibutramine is an anti-obesity drug.
Only the Capsule Form Po Chai Pills bearing batch number 21217 (expiry date 6-2012) is being recalled. Please check the batch number before taking Po Chai Pills.

For more information, read the HSA product recall page.
The Singapore recall has also prompted Hong Kong Authorities to recall Po Chai Pills in both capsule and bottle forms. According to a Hong Kong Government website, the contamination source was likely to be in one batch of powder-form raw materials used to fill the capsules. The company had purchased it from a new Mainland source in May 2008. Two batches of capsules had been produced using the suspicious set of raw materials. One batch (no. 21217) was exported to Singapore, while the other batch (no. 21133) was supplied to Hong Kong and Macau markets.
The manufacturer had discovered traces of the 2 drug through its own testing and initiated a recall in January. However, they did not inform the authorities. Hmmmmm…….


  1. The hotline set by the manufacturer is useless at all. I have tried 2 hours to dial the hotline. The line was either busy or unanswered.

  2. I intended to contact the manufacturer beceasue I do not know the address where I can return the pills in question and the locations are not mentioned in the news.

  3. luitung: I think you can bring it to the shop where you bought the pills from. They should either be able to give you a refund or let you know where the company is located

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