Choose Team SPG for The Amazing Race Asia 4!

When Sumin and Felicia told me that they wanted to take part in The Amazing Race Asia 4, I can’t help but laugh. Seriously. Amazing Race Asia? You gotta be kidding.
I can imagine Sumin taking part in TARA4. I think she is those sporty type that can carry a backpack and run faster than most of the contestant. (maybe pushing them aside in the process) But Felicia? Hmmm…. I don’t know. I cannot imagine her racing across Asia with a backpack. I guess if given a choice, she would most likely use a pink hand luggage with wheels (and maybe with Hello Kitty pictures printed all over too). That would be an interesting sight. But I do think the 2 of them make a good team. Felicia can distract the other teams while Sumin tries to complete the task. Now, that’s a winning formula.
Some thing tells me it will be fun to see Sumin & Felicia in TARA4. They will make season 4 the best season ever. But all these will not happen unless the judges choose Team SPG (Stewwwpid Party Girl and Snarky Party Girl) to represent Singapore in The Amazing Race Asia 4.
I know the judges are now cracking their head to decide which team to represent Singapore. Actually, it isn’t that hard to decide. Just choose Team SPG. Besides the entertainment value the 2 of them can bring to the show, they can also bring lots of online publicity. Lots of local bloggers and tweeters knows both of them personally. We will be following their every step in the race. Imagine the online conversation they will generate. They already had huge fan base before the race start. Even aunties are supporting them.
If you need more reasons on why you should choose Team SPG, just check out their blog and Youtube videos.

So judges, look no further. Choose Team SPG to represent Singapore for The Amazing Race Asia 4. You will be a fool if you pick other team. Trust me.


  1. Carrot approach: “We will support TARA4 if Team SPG is selected.”
    Stick approach: “We will boycott TARA4 if Team SPG is not selected.”
    Judges: Choose wisely

  2. YES! Well said. Team SPG will make such good TV and with their knowledge, network and experience in PR, TARA4’s publicity will hit the roof…com’on JUDGES!

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