Really good chocolate cake from Hunny Bunch N Co

First heard about this great chocolate cake from the Shareen and Joe Show few weeks back. So Justin decided to buy one to share among everyone at Hackerspace SG. And I must say, the Devil Chocolate Cake from Hunny Bunch N Co is fantastic. It is so good that we ordered another 2 the following week for BarCamp Singapore 5 after party at Hackerspace.

The Devil Chocolate Cake is ultra rich in chocolate. The layer of chocolate fudge on top is generous. Chocolate lovers like me will definitely love it. We had 2 shots of Rum added to the cake. In my opinion, 2 shot is just enough as it brings out the favors the Devil Chocolate Cake and add a very mild alcoholic taste. But if you are a rum lover, you might want to request for more shots (if that is possible).
And since they are home made, the cakes are freshly made after you order. You will need to place an order 24 hours before hand. They deliver to anywhere on Singapore main Island for free.
The Devil Chocolate Cake comes in 2 sizes. The 6″ (weighs about 0.9KG) Devil Chocolate Cake cost $32 and 8″ (weighs about 1.4KG) cost $48. Honestly, I know 2 other places where their chocolate cakes are just as good. But none of them come close to this price. So for great chocolate cake at affordable price, try Hunny Bunch N Co.

PS: One thing to note about the Devil Chocolate Cake is that it is very very chocolatey. You most likely won’t be able to eat a lot at one go. But not to worry, I’m sure you friends will gladly help out. Else you can always give me a call and I’ll come to your rescue.


  1. Hi, I tried to order in Hunny Bunch N Co but they can’t accommodate orders already till 22 Sep. You mentioned 2 other places where their chocolate cakes are just as good. Kindly forward so I can check as options. Thanks thanks

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