I got a pair of tickets to the opening night of the 20th European Film Festival for the screening of Broken Embraces (from Spain). The screening is on 6th May 2010 at Vivo City Golden Village. I would really love to attend this screening as I’ve enjoyed watching other films from the European Film Festival. But sadly, I got another event to attend that evening.

So instead of letting the tickets go to waste, I’m giving them out to 1 lucky blog reader.
How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: Broken Embraces screening tickets”. Closing date is this coming Sunday, 2 May 2010, 2359. I will randomly select the winner via the usual method. Refer to the rules for more details.
The screening is happening on 6th May 2010 (Thursday) at Vivo City Golden Village. Reception at 7:45pm, Screening at 9pm. Please do not apply if you are unable to make it. Give others a chance.
Update: Closed

I was invited to the European Union Film Festival’s Blogger Movie Night held at the Spain Embassy. Spain is the current EU Presidency. This is not my first time attending the EU Film Festival. This year, we have the pleasure of watching Irina Palm from Luxembourg.
Irina Palm is about a 50 year old widow who is desperately in need of some money to pay for her grandson’s medical bill. After several unsuccessful attempt to find a job, she stumble upon a sex shop looking for hostess. Desperate for money, she decided to give it a try. Initially, the sex shop owner did not have any job for her since hostess are mostly of younger age. But the owner discovered that she has very smooth hands and decided to offer her a job in masturbating men behind a wall.
I must say that the story line is very interesting. A light hearted look at gloomy situation.
The Film Festival will also partner Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film and Media Studies to screen some of its students’ best short films before the start of selected feature films. This will give these promising young filmmakers a chance of a lifetime to see their works on the big screen next to those of acclaimed international directors.
Apart from Irina Palm, there are 16 other great films from different countries in the European Union that will be featured in the 20th Eurpoean Union Film Festival between 6 to 16 May 2010. Check out the EU Film Festival website for more details. Tickets can be purchased at GV Vivo box office or GV online website. Golden Village Movie Club members enjoy $1 off film festival tickets.
PS: I have a pair of tickets to the opening night (Broken Embraces) to give away. Apply for it here.

VOILAH! The annual French Festival in Singapore is back with a rich spread of culinary, arts, cultural and sporting events from 15 April to 21 May 2010. The Festival, organized by the French Embassy and sponsored by leading French companies in Singapore, presents over 25 events. There’s too many for me to list them here. Go check out their website for more details about the events.
Maybe let me write about some of the events that I’m interested. Too many to choose from.
Invitation to Dream
14 – 16 May 2010, 7.30 to 10.30pm
Empress Place & Esplanade Park
Admission free
Invitation to Dream is a Fire Garden Installation by Compagnie Carabosse. It is part of the Singapore Arts Festival which will transform Esplanade Park and Empress Place into a glowing wonderland using street art with creative fire display.
Étoile FC Football Training Session
09 May 2010, 9am to 10am
Queenstown Stadium
Participation is by registration only
Étoile Football Club is a French Football Club in the S-League. They joined the S-League early this year and is already the Singapore League Cup champion.
Gastronomy Promotions
01 May to 15 May 2010
No festival is complete in Singapore without the showcase on food. For two weeks, between 01 May till 15 May, various chef and restaurants, caterers and wine retailers off you the chance to live a unique French moment. For more details on the promotions, check out the website.

In case you still don’t know by now, Facebook has disabled the “Become a Fan” option on Facebook Fan Page. Before you start running around the house, pulling your hair in horror, calm down. It’s merely a “language change”. So instead of clicking the “Become a Fan” button on a Fan Page, you click the “Like” button. The effect is the same. You still join the Fan Page when you click on the “Like” button.
According to Facebook, people click “Like” two times more than they click “Become a Fan” everyday. (Perhaps that is because there are more things to “Like” than “Become a Fan”?) It is also more consistent to have use “Like” than “Become a Fan”. Anyway, it’s just a language change.
I didn’t think much about it until recently MissyEley invited me to join her Facebook Fan Page. Or should I say Like her Fan Page. I click on the “Like” button without thinking much since I’ve always enjoyed reading her blog. Then I discovered something. The whole language change does have some minor implications.

Facebook said I Like MissyEley on my status update. Hmmmm…… Doesn’t really sound right. I hope her gf don’t get the wrong idea when she sees this.
Oh…. and to leave a Fan Page now, you click on the “Unlike” button. Luckily for us, Facebook does not say “DK unlike *so and so*” on the status update when you leave a Fan Page. (or maybe that will be something good?)
Come to think of it. Maybe I should also create a Facebook Fan Page too. And see all the ladies declaring that they like me on their Facebook status. OK, I know that’s cheap thrill. Hahahahaha

HTC launched the HTC HD mini in Singapore recently. I managed to grab a quick look at the phone during the launch event. It seems to be a growing trend for phone makers to release a smaller version of their successful phone. The HTC HD mini is the smaller version of the HTC HD2.

I kinda like the HD2’s huge 4.3 inch screen. I guess it would be a major selling point. But although I like the screen size, it might not be suitable for the ladies. The HD2 might be too big for some ladies’ hands. Or for guys who prefer smaller phones. Which makes sense for HTC to release the HD mini. The HD mini has a 3.2 inch screen, weighs 110g and is 10.38 x 5.77 x 1.17cm. It’s a more common size compared to the HD2.

Like all HTC phone, the HTC HD mini comes with HTC Sense. It is running on Windows Mobile 6.5. No news on whether if the HD mini can be upgradable to Windows Phone 7. But I guess the answer is most likely no. The phone has 512MB ROM and 384MB RAM. 5 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, digital compass and FM Radio. The HTC HD mini has a 3.5mm jack for earphone and a microUSB port for data and charging. Oh, you can use the phone as a WIFI router for tethering. Cool feature.

I think the HTC HD mini would appeal to the ladies and guys who prefer smaller phones. Personally, I would prefer the HTC HD2 over the HD mini. But that’s just the geek in me wanting the biggest screen possible. The HTC HD mini looks like a pretty good phone. I’ll blog more about it if I get my hands on the review unit.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that the battery and the inside is yellow in colour. Don’t ask me why they specially paint a different colour for the inside. Looks nice, but nobody will see it unless you open the back cover.

I know the parliament is debating about some amendment on the election bill. Personally, I’m against the cooling off day. I think NCMP Sylvia Lim covered all the points that I wanted to say.

While she brought up a good argument, I can’t help but sit in front of my computer feeling hopeless. Like it or not, the cooling off day thing will pass thru parliament. It’s already a done deal. And nobody can do anything about it. It’s pointless speaking to your MP about it because end of the day, he/she has to vote according to the party direction. And not the wishes of the people who voted him/her into parliament. Sigh…..
Its good to watch the speech made by Sylvia Lim even though we know that end of the day, it still means nothing. Let’s hope after the coming election, she will finally have a voting rights in parliament.