I lub lub my new blog template beri the much

Feeling bored today, so I decided to change my blog template. It’s been ages since I last changed my template. The last time I changed my template was back in Oct 2008. Wow, it’s been that long.
It’s difficult to find beautiful looking template that suits me. I wanted something bright pink, but there aren’t many pink wordpress template out there. Just like there aren’t many pink gadgets. Why? Why must they discriminate against those people who love PINK colour? *sulk* Any wordpress template developers out there? Pink is the new BLACK. Please make more beautiful bright pink wordpress template. *Hugs*
But luckily for me, I managed to find a pretty pretty template. Too bad there isn’t any Hello Kitty pictures on it. Else it would be perfect.

Beautiful right? I think this template is going to stay on my blog for very long time. I hope all of you loves it. 🙂 Maybe I’ll ask my friend to help me photoshop a Hello Kitty picture at the background later.
I LuB LuB My NeW BlOg TeMpLaTe BeRi ThE MuCh. **MuAcK**


  1. Wow… you now have liking for Hello Kitty? The cat with a big ribbon on the head has give you good impression. Hehe…
    Ps: too much beer in brewerk might cause illusion.

  2. It’s obviously the stint for 1st April. Lol.
    Was wondering what can u come up with this year, and well… this pinky change surprised me.
    Kudos for your creativity. Lol

  3. Should also change the title la…somehow chiong-ing the next mountain doesn’t quite gel with the colour…
    Try queuing for the next kitty!

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