How to get free turn by turn navigation on your Motorola Milestone in Singapore?

Ever since the Motorola Milestone arrived in Singapore, lots of people were asking why is it that the turn by turn navigation is only available in US. It seems like only the maps in US belongs to Google. The maps outside US belongs to other mapping companies like TeleAtlas, INEGO, Europa Technologies. That’s why they can’t provide free turn by turn navigation outside US.
The Motorola Milestone that you buy in Singapore comes with MotoNav. MotoNav is Motorola’s version of turn by turn navigation for countries outside US. But according to 1 of my readers, the MotoNav provided is a 60 days trial version. You will need to pay in order to get turn by turn navigation after 60 days. Personally, I think it is not worth paying for turn by turn navigation. I feel that it is a matter of time before Google enable free turn by turn navigation worldwide for all Android 2.1 phones.
I do know some friends who had turn by turn navigation on their Android phone outside US. There are several methods in doing it. I’ve Googled and found this:
1. Open Market – search SpeechSynthesis Data Installer – install
2. Download maps3.3.1-by-directions-root-2.apk from here to your computer
3. Copy maps3.3.1-by-directions-root-2.apk to Milestone with USB cable
4. Install it on Milestone ( use any file explorer to open it, Example: AndExplorer )
All credits to XDA-Developers and jkkmobile.
As usual, try the above method at your own risk. I don’t have a Milestone to try it out myself. Let me know if you succeed in getting turn by turn navigation on your Motorola Milestone.


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