Seriously people, Flashmob doesn't need to be just dancing

I’ve lost count of the number of “dancing type” Flashmob happening in Singapore by commercial entities. I guess it started with the HTC Flashmob which was somewhat successful. Then the rest of the companies decided that they also want to do a Flashmob. Well, it’s perfectly alright to do Flashmob for your marketing campaign. But do you guys know that Flashmob is not just about getting a group of people on the street and start dancing when the music is played?
According to Wiki, a Flashmob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse. Unusual and pointless does not have to be dancing. It can be freezing. It can be hopping. It can be singing. Laughing, rolling, running in circles, play scissor paper stone, walk backwards, pointing into the air or ANYTHING. Be creative. Come up with new ideas! Don’t need to be just dancing.
And please, if you have a emcee talking on mic before or after the “flashmob”, then it’s no longer a flashmob. That is call a street performance.
If you need ideas of Flashmob, try visiting Improv Everywhere or our local Mission : Singapore for some Flashmob ideas.
Remember: Flashmob is not just about dancing. Be creative.
MP3 Experiment anyone?


  1. So true! I don’t even know how it happened that dancing street performances got tagged as “Falshmobs”! I remember many years ago, when people would sms each other or send messages though IM about impromptu organized falshmobs – like taking a pillow to the city center, whacking each other for a minute and then dispersing, or going into a store, singing it’s tune and quickly dispersing… It was so much fun! We all felt like sneaky ninjas – and then the marketing people got their paws on it, and killed the fun spirit out of it.
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