Can't be a fan of a Facebook Fan Page anymore

In case you still don’t know by now, Facebook has disabled the “Become a Fan” option on Facebook Fan Page. Before you start running around the house, pulling your hair in horror, calm down. It’s merely a “language change”. So instead of clicking the “Become a Fan” button on a Fan Page, you click the “Like” button. The effect is the same. You still join the Fan Page when you click on the “Like” button.
According to Facebook, people click “Like” two times more than they click “Become a Fan” everyday. (Perhaps that is because there are more things to “Like” than “Become a Fan”?) It is also more consistent to have use “Like” than “Become a Fan”. Anyway, it’s just a language change.
I didn’t think much about it until recently MissyEley invited me to join her Facebook Fan Page. Or should I say Like her Fan Page. I click on the “Like” button without thinking much since I’ve always enjoyed reading her blog. Then I discovered something. The whole language change does have some minor implications.

Facebook said I Like MissyEley on my status update. Hmmmm…… Doesn’t really sound right. I hope her gf don’t get the wrong idea when she sees this.
Oh…. and to leave a Fan Page now, you click on the “Unlike” button. Luckily for us, Facebook does not say “DK unlike *so and so*” on the status update when you leave a Fan Page. (or maybe that will be something good?)
Come to think of it. Maybe I should also create a Facebook Fan Page too. And see all the ladies declaring that they like me on their Facebook status. OK, I know that’s cheap thrill. Hahahahaha

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