Cooling off day

I know the parliament is debating about some amendment on the election bill. Personally, I’m against the cooling off day. I think NCMP Sylvia Lim covered all the points that I wanted to say.

While she brought up a good argument, I can’t help but sit in front of my computer feeling hopeless. Like it or not, the cooling off day thing will pass thru parliament. It’s already a done deal. And nobody can do anything about it. It’s pointless speaking to your MP about it because end of the day, he/she has to vote according to the party direction. And not the wishes of the people who voted him/her into parliament. Sigh…..
Its good to watch the speech made by Sylvia Lim even though we know that end of the day, it still means nothing. Let’s hope after the coming election, she will finally have a voting rights in parliament.


  1. If LKY is so boastful about PAP winning the next 2 general elections, then WTF does his PM son need a cooling day for ?
    Does it mean to say that our PM does not even have the minimum confidence (because of his incompetent wife?) required to defend his seat ?

  2. Based on minister Mugan’s argument, pap will not need
    the cooling off day if it’s policies are strong enough to
    see it through the elections.
    Why, then, cooling off day?

  3. “And nobody can do anything about it.” Oh yes, you can. Continue to raise your objections. Flood the Internet with the truth, expose the bullies and their dirty tricks. Man the keyboard on the “cooling-off” day, show them that Singaporeans will not be silenced.

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