First Look: HTC HD mini

HTC launched the HTC HD mini in Singapore recently. I managed to grab a quick look at the phone during the launch event. It seems to be a growing trend for phone makers to release a smaller version of their successful phone. The HTC HD mini is the smaller version of the HTC HD2.

I kinda like the HD2’s huge 4.3 inch screen. I guess it would be a major selling point. But although I like the screen size, it might not be suitable for the ladies. The HD2 might be too big for some ladies’ hands. Or for guys who prefer smaller phones. Which makes sense for HTC to release the HD mini. The HD mini has a 3.2 inch screen, weighs 110g and is 10.38 x 5.77 x 1.17cm. It’s a more common size compared to the HD2.

Like all HTC phone, the HTC HD mini comes with HTC Sense. It is running on Windows Mobile 6.5. No news on whether if the HD mini can be upgradable to Windows Phone 7. But I guess the answer is most likely no. The phone has 512MB ROM and 384MB RAM. 5 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, digital compass and FM Radio. The HTC HD mini has a 3.5mm jack for earphone and a microUSB port for data and charging. Oh, you can use the phone as a WIFI router for tethering. Cool feature.

I think the HTC HD mini would appeal to the ladies and guys who prefer smaller phones. Personally, I would prefer the HTC HD2 over the HD mini. But that’s just the geek in me wanting the biggest screen possible. The HTC HD mini looks like a pretty good phone. I’ll blog more about it if I get my hands on the review unit.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that the battery and the inside is yellow in colour. Don’t ask me why they specially paint a different colour for the inside. Looks nice, but nobody will see it unless you open the back cover.

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