Road accident caught on ViGi MT-12

Saw this video on TechieLobang. The kid at the backseat nearly flew out of the car. Scary man. Moral of the story: Always wear seat belts.

The turning vehicle is definitely in the wrong here. He doesn’t have the right of way. But somehow, I think the other vehicle is traveling too fast for a traffic junction. Notice that he horned and e-brake for almost a second, but still unable to avoid the accident. The accident could have been avoided if he is traveling slower.
On the side note, the ViGi MT-12 looks pretty impressive. I’ve seen it a couple of times when TechieLobang give me a lift in his car after media events.


  1. Yongwei: Well, the person did call ambulance. He wrote on youtube that he does not know any first aid and there is nothing he can do. Besides, there are others already helping them.

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