YOG Cheer #1 – You Are The One Singapore

I was kinda excited when Clauds told me that Singapore Sports Council has unveiled the first cheer song for YOG. That sound interesting. So I took out my smartphone, search for the video on youtube and watch it at the restaurant where we are having dinner. (the wonders of technology these days)

I actually went online to search for the meaning of cheer, just in case I got the definition wrong. According to Wikipedia, cheering is the uttering or making of sounds encouraging, stimulating or exciting to action, indicating approval or acclaiming or welcoming persons, announcements of events and the like. I don’t know if this is considered encouraging. Personally, I would expect a cheer to be something more fast pace that everyone in the audience can shout out loud together while the athletes are competing. Something that will motivate our athletes.
This isn’t a cheer. It looks more like a song to me. JJ Lin is a great song writer, not a cheer writer. Writing songs and writing cheer is different. And I thought after so many years of Cheerfest, we would come up with something more interesting. Even my NS Company Sgt. Major can come up with a better cheer. Those from my NS unit can attest to that. (I hope he isn’t reading this)
And what’s with the Hadouken hand sign? I thought Hadouken is from Japan. Oh wait… that’s in Street Fighter only.
Well, the hand action and cheer look good in the music video. But what about doing it in real life? Come on, surely you would expect the audience to do the YOG cheer during the games right?
I found a video of the unveiling ceremony. You be the judge.

Hmmm……. There’s 2 more YOG cheers coming. Let’s hope they sound more like a cheer than a song.
And in case you are interested, here’s the lyrics to the song. Oops…. I mean cheer.
JJ Lin – You Are The One, Singapore
YOU are the ONE, Singapore
NOW is the TIME, here we GO, YEAH!
YOU are the ONE, Singapore
NOW is the TIME, here we GO GO, YEAH!
Beat of the drum (beat of the drum)
Feet on the ground (feet on the ground)
Shout it out loud (shout it out loud)
Make us all proud (make us all proud)


  1. will people actually sing this out when in the YOG crowd? even though they would go out of key/tune?
    wait, yeah, singing isn’t cheering, this is one phailed cheer, and oh yeah, cheering isn’t singing, did I just said that twice?

  2. some people are so good at commenting… why don’t they just stand up and show others what they have !!!
    If you can write a better cheer…come one let’s hear it!!! How far can we go if we just sit around and wait for others to lead and we sit and criticise. How can we progress if we do not take pride in our own talents?

  3. TLN: I know I can’t write cheer. That’s why I won’t be doing it.
    I do take pride in our own talents. I always feel that JJ Lin is a great song writer and singer. But having said that, I also feel that he is not a good cheer writer. I guess this is a good proof.

  4. oh yeah. i do agree, this doesn’t really sound encouraging. probably we should work more closely together and cooperate as a nation to come up with a better one. as said, we DO have talent, just simply uncovered… no matter what, this is a great chance to learn and experience YOG in Singapore =)

  5. It’s as irritating as the Tik Tok song and you can’t get it out of your head. Thought the Hadouken gestures are kinda awkward and infantile in this, like Jaws of death gestures one would do to confuse a baby.

  6. Come On Guys stop complaining it’s singaopre history to have a one year event held at singapore !!!Those people who are complaning don’t care them and let them be themself . Come On Guys …..cheer up singapore !! !WOOO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JIA YOU ..

  7. To be really honest… the fact that this is the very FIRST time Singapore is playing host for the YOG… one would expect more effort being put in…
    I honestly thought the cheer could have been improvised… not sure if it was due to the fact that there wasn’t enough time for preparations or just a case of “get it over and done with” sort of attitude… the hand gestures simply looked weird…

  8. Oh my! I didn’t know it was sung by JJ Lin at first! The English doesn’t sound like him. However, I damn like this song! Why do so many ppl feel that it wasn’t nice? Way to go, Singapore! Thks JJ Lin, I like the cheer 🙂

  9. the song made me feel awkward first time i saw it on tv… then during my kid’s sports fest they did the same cheer/song, i thought the song and gestures were just silly

  10. this song may not really like a cheer,but it is easy to remember and we can sing it well together.
    JJ Lin,you r a good singer and writer.jiayou!

  11. Anyway, some random facts (according to mypaper)
    The melody of the cheer was composed by JJ lin, and the lyrics were written by Mr Kelven Tan, SSC’s chief of sports marketing and composer Lucky Heng, from Touch Music. The movements were not choreographed by JJ Lin.
    But the movements are quite silly, I have to say.

  12. you know, i completely agree with you. how exacty are people gonna CHEER our athletes on with this SONG? its too hard to learn. i also think a cheer should have a beat, something that people can clap or stomp their feet to, and basically get everyone pumped up for YOG.
    TLN: there are people sending in their own cheers, and i’m planning on sending in mine too. But having said that, we’re just giving our opinions, which, all in all, could improve the cheer. better than keeping mum and staying silent about a cheer we don’t like.

  13. Yeah i read a lot about the YOG cheer. Actually i think its kind of cute and creative. In fact its not necessary that a cheer need to be said out loud and not sung. There’s no rule about it.
    And my kid’s school (First Skool) is in fact very optimistic abt it..
    My kid love it and he alongway make me interested in the cheer..
    Way to go JJ Lin!

  14. tooo sombre! for a Cheer! It’s silly of one to challenge who writes negtive comments and sillier to ask him/her to produce alternative cheers!.
    I don’t have to be movie director to say if a movie is good or bad. As long as I have a good taste i think I can comment.


  16. The cheers song is okay for me ONLY… the hand sign/dance (??) needs to CHANGE!! period. i felt the goosebumps when i saw JJ made that “Street Fighter attack” on TV. shivers…. = = lll

  17. I think that this song/ “cheer” is fine! People of all ages are able to dance/ sing to it cos it is simple. It’s catchy too. I think that we should stop be ingrate, criticising songs made by Singapore and all. If you can do a better job, show it! If not, just APPRECIATE IT.

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