Internet might fail on 5th May 2010 (6th May for those in Singapore)

If your internet fails on 6th May 2010, 1am Singapore time (5th May, 5pm GMT), don’t panic. ICANN is doing the first phase of roll-out of DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) across the 13 root servers.
Actually, chances of internet failing is rather slim. I’m quite sure the local ISP are well prepared. This will most likely be a non-event. Most people won’t even know there is a change. But I can’t say the same for companies with their own DNS server and infrastructure.
So what is DNSSEC? Eeeerr…. Actually I don’t know. I was sleeping when my lecturer is talking about all the DNS stuff. I bet most people will. That is one of the most dry topic. And everything is drawn in “cloud diagram” and hard to visualize. (yah right, excuses for not paying attention in class) So, according to the article, it says:

The DNSSEC upgrade adds a digital signature to the response from every DNS (Domain Name Server) request to give an internet user an extra level of assurance that the domain name is translated to the correct Internet location (such as a website, or email destination).
DNSSEC was developed in an attempt to thwart ‘man in the middle’ attacks, in which hackers intercept a request and respond with a message that fools the user system into going to a false location.

In short, it’s supposed to be safer and make it harder for hackers to hijack the info being passed on the internet.
Anyway, its just a warning for something that is unlikely to happen. But if Murphy really pay us a visit and internet really goes down, I guess you can always turn off your computer and go to sleep early for 1 night. (And pray they fix it soon)


  1. It just happened on my PC at about 12 noon!
    I was in the middle of postin in a forum when the browser just disappeared from the screen!
    When I restarted the opera browser, what I had typed has disappeared.
    Is this it?!

  2. We experienced it in NYC. As a company that offers services for other companies we need to do stuff before 5:30 PM. Its a major headache but one that must be followed. So about 5 my boss comes out of his office and say, “Do you have Internet?”. i tried and got the dreaded spinner. We feverishly started rebooting servers, PC’s, tracing and pulling cables, checking FatPipes, etc.
    Then shortly after 5:40 PM, another guy in our group said, “It’s back!”

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