SingTel & Starhub secured World Cup broadcast rights

I was about to write a blog entry about switching out sport diet from Soccer to something like rugby, basketball, baseball or even curling. I thought we will not secure the rights to World Cup broadcast.
Well, fortunately for everyone, my guess is wrong and we will be watching World Cup live on TV. SingTel and Starhub just announced that they have been granted non-exclusive rights to broadcast all 64 World Cup 2010 matches. Subscribers will be able to catch all the actions live on TV in HD format. On top of that, they can also watch the matches on mobile phone or internet.
MediaCorp is finalizing arrangements with the two telcos to air four key World Cup matches on Channel 5 and HD5. The four matches are: Opening Match, Two Semi-Final Match and Final Match. Such arrangement is subjected to FIFA’s approval.
Both Telcos are charging the same rate for the World Cup. $70.62 if you subscribe before 31 May 2010 and $94.16 from 1 June onwards. (Both prices inclusive of GST)
SingTel is also introducing a Starter Pack for viewers to enjoy mioTV for just one month without contact at an additional one time fee of $53.50. At the end of the World Cup, subscribers can choose to continue their mioTV subscription or return the set top box without penalty.
So I guess we are not switching our national sport to curling anytime soon. 🙂
Shakira – Waka Waka
2010 FIFA World Cup Official Song

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