First Look: HTC Legend

Met up with Daphne few weeks ago to play with her new HTC Legend. It’s quite a good looking phone.

Perhaps the most unique point about the HTC Legend is that the body is made from a single aluminum block. Yeap, its the same thing that Apple did to their MacBooks. This allows the HTC Legend to be slim and light (11.2 x 5.63 x 1.15 cm and 126g) I guess the unibody aluminum casing also makes the HTC Legend pretty durable. But unfortunately, Daphne wouldn’t allow me to test it’s durability. (Hahaha)

The HTC Legend has a 3.2 inch AMOLED Screen. 600Mhz Processor, 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. I’m surprised that HTC didn’t opt for the faster Snapdragon processor. And of cos you have the standard WIFI, Bluetooth, A-GPS and Digital Compass. 5 megapixel camera, microSD card slot and microUSB port for charging and data transfer. The version I tried is running on Android 2.1. Comes with the HTC Sense UI with everyone loves. The trackball is gone and replaced with a optical pad.

One thing you might want to take not is that you can’t hot swop the microSD card. The microSD card is positioned in such a way that in order to access it, you will need to open the cover that is holding the battery in position. Perhaps with practice, you can open the cover without causing the battery to loose contact. But then, how often do you need to hot swop your microSD card? I guess pretty seldom. So this should be an non-issue for most users.

Another thing I notice is that the side of the battery might get scratched if you keep removing the battery. This is another non-issue since you seldom need to remove the battery. Besides, it’s just some surface scratches on the side of the battery. Who cares anyway?

As a whole, the HTC Legend is a pretty good phone although I wish they could throw in a faster processor. Will talk more about it if I get a review unit.


  1. Having a faster processor will dilute the sales of their next product, the Desire; which is on the 1Ghz SnapDragon. The pricepoint will also shift; which means they either lose the marketshare of the Desire (by further pricing up the latter), or lose the lower spending pie. I think the Legend is good in both price and technology; except for the pics quality, which can be better. All of my personal opinion, based on some online reviews so far.
    That being said, if u DO get a review unit, could u ask them for the Desire as well, and do a review for it? There should be a HTC function of sorts soon rite? πŸ˜€
    I’m hoping to get the Desire, but I wanna know how it stands against the iPhone and the pricing. Thanks ahead dude!

  2. Dhope: You got a point. I guess they want to position the Legend as a middle range phone. Desire and Incredible will be most likely the top range.
    Desire media launch is this coming Friday. Will keep you updated on the pricing. πŸ™‚

  3. Hun Boon: I doubt my 15 minutes with the Legend is a good judgement. Perhaps after I got a review unit then I can really answer that. But also, it depends on individual’s needs.
    But as a whole, Android is catching up with the iPhone. But then, iPhone is due for a refresh soon. So I can’t say too early. We shall see.

  4. hi DK, I guess besides the phone itself, we’ve also got to look at the software application ecosystem. There is a nice article in Digital life today which reported that android is catching up with iPhone. I hope they will overtake Apple soon.
    .-= Hun Boon´s last blog ..Just speak my mind =-.

  5. Hun Boon: The Android apps ecosystem is definitely catching up with iPhone. But it’s not there yet. Maybe give it another 6 months or so. πŸ™‚

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