The New X300 from LG

Here is an interesting LG X300 advertisement.

The LG X300: Unthinkably Slim & Light
With the X300 you can have it all; remaining incredibly slim at 17.5mm thanks to a frame-less 11.6” HD LCD screen, but still packing a full-size Pebble Keyboard. The X300 comes 3G ready and will start-up in just 5 seconds, yet this complete package weighs in at under 970g… amazing

I wonder if I can get my hands on a review unit and stick it on the wall. That will be cool lah.
Oh, just to let you know that this is a paying advertisement. So I get paid for every unique click on the video. And if a lot of people click on it, maybe I can buy myself a cup of Starbucks coffee.

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  1. Wow! That’s some really powerful sticky tape…
    just a small strip can hold up 970g…
    would love to get my hands on some of it…will definitely give 3M a run for their money…d8

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