Philip Yeo: Apple products are for gullible dummies

Wow, I actually felt insulted after watching this video. Gullible dummies? Really?

I honestly wonder if Mr Yeo have seen the applications in the Appstore. Of course there are useless applications like lighter or noise makers.But there are also lots and lots of useful applications. Like turn by turn navigation apps. Messaging apps. Note taking apps. Voice recording apps. Currency exchange, unit converter app. Dictionary app. Informative app that helps you find the parking rates or bus arrival timing. And also games that provides entertainment value. And a lot more.
Perhaps Mr Yeo is missing a point here. If Apple Appstore only has useless apps, then the iPhone won’t be as successful as it is today. Likewise, if your company is doing useless things to trick gullible people into buying, then your business is bound to fail. Consumers are getting smarter nowadays. How many gullible customers can you find to make your business sustainable? Instead of asking people to make useless product for dummies, why not make useful product that everybody wants? Is this the direction that Mr Yeo wants the startups in Singapore to go? Make useless stuff to sell to gullible customers?
Now I’m wondering… Which company is his daughter working in? I’m most likely not going to be her customer since they are making products for gullible customers.
PS: In case you are wondering, that’s Philip Yeo, chairman of Spring Singapore and Special Advisor for Economic Development in the Prime Minister’s office.


  1. Don’t forget the iPoo now app! HAHA. But seriously, there are tons of great apps in the App Store like dictionary, translators, calorie counters, money management apps etc.
    1) I don’t think it’s a good idea to pit yourself against a strong brand like Apple’s.
    2) Does it really matter if your customers are smart or dumb? As a business all you want to make $$. As I customer, all I want is for my demands to be catered for, and perhaps, preempted by. So just shut up, gimme what I want, I’ll give you what you want and we’re all happy. As a business, you should be more worried about how much spending power I have, rather than my IQ level.
    .-= Ivy´s last blog ..Gen Y at Work: Are we intolerant and demanding? =-.

  2. Erm… does his opinion even matter? He’s not a recognised IT / Business guru… so his opinion holds no sway to how consumers & corporates really behave in the marketplace. Still thinks he’s out of touch with reality…

  3. Miccheng: Well, he is after all the chairman of Spring Singapore. If this is his opinion, then I’m worried about the directions of Spring Singapore.

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