Just get it over and done with

Been a long time since I write something this personal on my blog.
Some of you might know that I’m taking my part time degree course. And for those who know me long enough, you might be wondering how come I still haven’t graduated yet. Well, to be honest, I screwed up and flank my last module. I lost my direction at one point and was wondering to myself why am I taking a degree course. To me, a degree is just a piece of paper. (Sorry to all the degree holders out there) It means nothing if you can’t apply what you learn. And what I’m learning is not relevant to the outside world. So why am I learning them?
Anyway, my last exam is this coming Friday. If nothing goes wrong, I would graduate after my exams on Friday. IF NOTHING GOES WRONG.
Oh well….. just get it over and done with. Once and for all.


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