No StreetWars water gun "assassination" tournament in Singapore

When I first heard about StreetWars Singapore 2010, I was kinda fascinated by it. I must say that I’m pretty tempted to take part. But I only learnt about it on Angela’s blog when the game started. So I guess it’s too late for me to take part. I thought maybe there will be another round a few months later which I could take part.
StreetWars is a three week long water gun “assassination” tournament based on the college and high school game Assassin. The game is simple. At the start, participant will receive a photo of his/her intended target, home/work address, name and contact info. Participant must then “kill” the target with either water gun or water balloon. Once the assassin eliminate his target, he will take over the target’s assigned target. The cycle goes on until the last dry person standing or end of 3 weeks. The game is play 24/7 but there are a few “safe zone” where the assassin cannot kill their target.

I’m quite surprised that someone brought the game to Singapore. Pretty interesting. But shortly after the game started, the Singapore Police Force steps in and stop the game. Sigh. Well…. we should have expected that.
To be fair, there are some concerns about the game. Like suspicious people lurking around, waiting for their target to appear and carrying a gun like device. It might create unnecessary waste of resource for the police. But then, its some harmless fun.
Sad to see the game being stopped. Maybe it’s just me thinking that the game is ultra-cool.


  1. Hey DK! Yeah shame it got shut down. It was a cool concept though you must admit hahaah
    Perhaps next time.
    I’m impartial, kinda glad i dont have to walk around like a paranoid android! 🙂

  2. Ang3la: The only thing I don’t like about the rules is that water balloon are allowed. I don’t mind water pistol. But not water balloon.
    But yes, its really a cool concept. Let’s hope they can find a way to do it again in Singapore without the authorities stepping in. 🙂

  3. Sylvester: the “targets” in the game are only people who sign up for the game. So the MP and ministers are safe. Unless they also sign up for the game which is unlikely.

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