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Think quite a number of you already know the company that I’m working at. Either I’ve told you about it or someone told you about it. Or maybe you see me check in to that place on foursquare everyday for the past 3 days (Damn, I forgot to check in today. Like that how to fight for mayorship?)
I don’t want to type the name of my company here cause I don’t want people to google my company and find my blog. So I guess the best way to tell everyone where I’m working at now is to show you a photo of my office.

I hope it is obvious enough.
Yeap, that’s the company I’m working for now. So for the sake of not appearing on google, I’ll refer it as company A in the blog entry. 🙂
For those who have been reading my blog for very long, you will know that I used to work for company A. I left the company 2 years ago and now I’m back. Haha.
Well, I’m not back to the same department this time. In fact, not even the same office building. I’m now doing social media for company A. It’s going to be fun since this is something I’m passionate about. It’s going to be challenging because social media is ever changing. It’s going to be exciting because I get to work with a lot of bloggers and forumers whom I’ve known personally over the years.
Here is the scary part. I don’t have any degree or diploma in communications or new media. I got employed because of my experience in this area. Something that I been interested in and had spend lots of time exploring. As most of you know, I’m not a fan of those paper qualifications. And I’m glad that my Boss and Human Resource took my experience and knowledge into consideration and didn’t penalize me for not having the proper qualifications for this role.
But here is the problem. I’m usually classified as a Tech Blogger (although I prefer to be classified as Rojak Blogger or Lifestyle/Current Affairs/Tech Blogger) Joining company A is kinda tricky since we deal with lots of Tech stuff from several different companies. Honestly, I’ve spend several days thinking about this issue before accept the job.
Here is how I will handle product reviews and events invites from now on:
For products that are exclusive to my competitors, I will try my best to avoid talking about it since it would be unfair to both my competitor and my employer.
For products that are exclusive to my company, I will continue to talk about it, giving readers my fairest review. A disclaimer will be placed at the end of the blog entry to inform readers about my employment at the company and all views are from my own capacity and has nothing to do with my company. It is up to the readers to trust or dismiss my review. I do hope my readers have faith in my integrity and reputation which I’ve spend years building.
For products that is carried by both my company and competitors, I believe there will not be any issues at all. I will continue to blog and review about them as per normal.
For products that neither my company or competitor carries, it’s business as usual too.
As for media events, I will try my best to attend media events even though I’m now working. I can always try to apply 1/2 day leave to attend the event. But although I wish to attend all events, I honestly can’t. I don’t have a lot of leave and there are just too many Tech events in Singapore (one of these days, I should take photos of all the media tag I have in my drawer). But still, keep your invites coming in so that I can be updated about the upcoming products/service launches and share them with my readers.
I think this is the best arrangement. But as things on the social media are ever changing, I might change my approach whenever necessary.
PS: Please avoid typing my company name (or any nicknames that reference my company) in the comments as google will also pick it up. If needed, please use the term “company A”. Thanks. 🙂
I’ll edit comments by those who are not obedient. 🙂


  1. Congrats! You sure are one helluva passionate when it comes to social media & tech so if this isn’t perfect, I don’t know what else is 😀
    .-= melly´s last blog ..Green =-.

  2. Congrats DK! Hope that you like your new job and not-so-new company! 😀
    Wishing you all the best, I’m sure it’ll be fun

  3. Dunno whether should congratulate you or not since you sound so reluctant to rejoin the workforce. But, it’s a good thing for social media, that you are doing it. Wish you all the best!
    Hey, you should post some photos of yourself in business wear, I’m pretty sure a lot of your readers are interested to see. Or at the very least, update your head on table avatar. (8
    .-= aCeMaSk´s last blog ..Someone in SMRT Did Not Get the Memo =-.

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