Quick update

Been busy lately. Not because of work cause workload haven’t started coming in. But having lots of activities after work. Monday night went out dinner with friends. Tuesday night went for Sex And The City 2 Gala Premiere and tonight went for Sony Ericsson event.
Then to add to the problem, my internet connection decided to give up on me. At first I thought the problem was with my iMac. But it turns out that the problem might be with my modem. Damn. Need to borrow an ethernet modem to confirm if the problem is really with that aging modem before I go buy a modem. Anyone got a spare modem to borrow for a few days?
In the meantime, I think I’m going to have internet withdrawal syndrome. **Puke white foam**


  1. CY & Justin: Thanks for the offer. I’ve confirmed that it’s my modem that is faulty. Think will go buy a new one soon. 🙂

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