I took part in a non-dancing flashmob

I took part in a flashmob last Saturday. It’s not just any flashmob. It’s a non-dancing flashmob. It’s The Great Audio Experience flashmob by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to celebrate a tobacco-free lifestyle. It is something like the MP3 Experiment in US.
But instead of listening to MP3, all participants tuned their radio to 987FM and listened to the instructions. Not bad for a first try although personally, I feel there are many areas where it can be improved. But hey, there is a great turnout and we had lots of fun. According to CNA, more than 1200 people took part in the flashmob. We broke the Singapore Records book for the Largest-ever radio-led flash mob.

Although I think we also broke the record for the largest non-dancing flashmob. That should be easy since all the flashmob by companies and PR agencies are dancing type. Seriously people, I hate to be a nag but we really need to stop doing dancing type flashmob and do something more interesting type. HBP took the lead and show us that flashmob doesn’t need to be dancing.
If you are a company or PR agency planning a dancing type flashmob, please don’t. Seriously, dancing flashmob has been over done. Just remember this: Every time a company does a dancing flashmob, a penguin dies.
You don’t want to kill those cute little penguins right?


  1. Mintea: Those community organized flashmob are different. Anyway, they have done other type of flashmob too. Just that this 1 is dancing type. But hey, even when they dance, they also dress up as zombie. At least that is something different.
    Vic: That sounded a bit the wrong. 😛
    Justin: Hahaha…..

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