Oh, so the graffiti on SMRT wasn't a marketing campaign?

When I first saw the news on the graffiti on SMRT train, I thought it was yet another marketing campaign. Remember the failed Singpost stunt where they “vandalized” their mailbox for….. eeerrr…. I forgot why they vandalized their mailbox for. Please note the difference in the words I use here. The one at SMRT is a graffiti art. The one at Singpost is vandalism. And it’s an irony that Singpost actually paid someone to do it but SMRT got theirs for free.

Anyway, jokes aside. I was kinda surprised that the graffiti art on the train wasn’t approved by SMRT. A Swiss national has been arrested and the location of his partner is still unknown. Who would had thought that someone could sneak into the train depot at night and do graffiti art? Isn’t the train depot a restricted area? I would also presume the two of them take at least 15 minutes to do it. And that spraying paint isn’t exactly a very quiet activity, especially in the middle of the night. What exactly happened?
And I can’t help but wonder. What is the use of policemen patrolling the SMRT station and security staff doing random bag checks when the depot is so unprotected?
Singapore is fortunate once again because the trespasser is doing it for art and not terrorism. Maybe someone have become complacent again after the arrest of Mas Selamat. Well, at least we managed to arrest one of them very quickly. But then, if that is a terrorist act, the damaged would had already been done.
As for the Swiss national, I find it a pity that he is doing this without the approval of the authorities. I don’t know about you, but I actually don’t mind some graffiti once in a while, as long as they look good. (Hello Singpost, you reading this?) If only the guy seek approval from the authorities. But then, maybe part of the street art is to sneak into unauthorized places and do the graffiti.
But even though I kinda like the graffiti, I still feel that the law is the law. Since he has broken it, he should be punished for his action.


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