Orchard River (Previously known as Orchard Road)

Orchard Road was transformed into Orchard River yesterday. No, this is not some celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations although it would be damn cool if they try it next year. It was a freak accident. The type that happens once in 50 years.
Wait, didn’t that 1 in 50 years thing just happen last year? Hmmm…. Does that make it 2 in 50 years then? Or 1 in 25 years? If it happens again next year, would that qualify as an annual event?
Luckily for me, I was on leave yesterday. Else I guess I’ll need to change to my swimming trunk during lunch time. Or row a boat to my favorite fast food restaurant, Wendy’s, which just open 3 days ago at Liat Tower. Oh wait, Wendy’s is completely flooded yesterday. I guess I will need to have diving gears too.

A 1999 TNP article said that Orchard Road will never flood. Really meh?
Actually, some folks on Twitter already predicted that there will be flood yesterday. Maybe the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) should hire them so that they can provide early warning to Singaporeans. The shop owners at Orchard River would certainly need their service. They could move their goods to higher ground (or shelves) and avoid heavy losses.
Here are some photos that I saw on Twitter. This is Citizen Journalism.

I think Singapore Tourism Board should really consider organizing a Dragon Boat Race down Orchard Road someday. I’m sure it will be able to attract a lot of tourists to our beautiful island. I’ll gladly live blog about the event if it happens. I think it will be damn cool lah. Imagine transforming Orchard Road into Orchard River once every year for Dragon Boat Festival. Sure to attract as many tourist as Chingay or Christmas Light up.

PS: That photo is photoshopped (I found it on Twitter too). But it helps you visualize how Dragon Boat along Orchard River will be like. Isn’t that cool?


  1. I think the way the figure is calculated is per area. 1 in 50 years for Bukit Timah (No repeat of previous flooding, Straits Times Page A10) and Orchard Road.
    So those living elsewhere beware, next year the river might come to your area. Wonder if I’m safe, since there already is a Kallang River. d8
    .-= aCeMaSk´s last blog ..Ask OCBC for what? =-.

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