*SCAPE's respond to balloon release #scapesg

My blog entry regarding the *SCAPE balloon release was retweeted several times yesterday. Someone also posted the link to the blog entry on *SCAPE’s facebook fan page. I guess the message is loud enough. We don’t want balloon release. It does no good to the environment.
I’m glad that *SCAPE finally respond to the issue on their facebook page.

Thanks for the concern and comments you have made regarding the balloon release during our Launch Festival. The information has been noted and *SCAPE will take care to avoid such incidents in the future.
Moving forward, *SCAPE is committed to work together with you and push your environmental concerns forward! Tell us your ideas on how we can publicize and educate others regarding other environmental causes.
Tell us how *SCAPE can play a part in improving the environment! Suggest events, topics, campaigns, or anything that can further publicise the causes you feel should be more made known in Singapore. *SCAPE might just start a new activity to back these causes up!
We look forward to hear from you. 🙂

Salute to *SCAPE.
And thank you everyone for helping to spread the message. Let’s hope this is the last time a local company or organisation have balloon release.


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