Calypso Crystal iPhone CrystalDock

When the folks from Calypso Crystal contacted me saying that they want to send me a Crystal iPhone dock, I was wondering: What is so special about a Crystal iPhone dock? To me, it’s just a iPhone dock made of crystal. Sounds normal to me.

Then I went to their website to check out the dock and discovered the amount of hard work it takes to create a beautiful crystal iPhone dock. The crystal iPhone dock from Calypso Crystal is handmade in Europe. It takes days and more than 15 pairs of hands to create a single CrystalDock. Pretty impressive.

The final product is a beautiful and elegant Crystal iPhone Dock. I’m no expert when it comes to crystal, but I know this is no ordinary iPhone dock when I got it. The CrystalDock is very clear. This is no surprise as all CrystalDock are carefully checked for flaws in clarity and colour, bubbles or shades. Only the perfect ones are branded and shipped to customers. The CrystalDock comes in a very nice looking box and is well protected by foam for the journey. I think it’s very suitable as gift.

The CrystalDock that I got is the Dune design. According to the website, the Dune CrystalDock is precisely hand-cut to create asymmetric waves, and then polished to achieve a crystalline shine. And yes, it does shine. Nice hor?

And judging from the look of the dock, it should be able to fit the upcoming iPhone 4. I’ll update this blog entry again when I confirm it is 100% compatible.
The only problem is that my table is not beautiful enough for the CrystalDock. I think I need to get a new table to match my Calypso Crystal iPhone CrystalDock. Hmmmm…..

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