I always like to review the second generation of a product to see what new improvements the company have made to the product. It’s nice to see what improvements the company made and what features stays.

The Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 is the second generation of the Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 that I’ve review last year. The form factor of the W252 is the same as the W202, which is something that I quite like personally. I like the form factor a lot. The entire MP3 player is just the headset. There isn’t any wires that get in the way. And it weighs just 43g. This form factor makes the W252 very convenient to use when working out.

One of the biggest issue with the Walkman W202 is moisture damage. There have been quite a number of reports about the W202 being damaged after being used for workout. But me and my friends didn’t experience this issue. Maybe we didn’t sweat enough. Haha. The new Sony Walkman W252 addressed this issue by making it water resistant. They even got an IPX5 water resistant rating. According to Wikipedia, IPX5 means that water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. I guess this should be enough to protect the W252 against the sweatiest man on earth. There is even a cover on the MiniUSB port to prevent water from entering.

But even though the Sony Walkman W252 is water resistant, it is still not suitable for swimming. Maybe next generation? Haha.
Battery life for the Sony Walkman W252 is 11 hours. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the W252. Or if you are in a hurry, a short 3 minute charge can give you 90 minutes of music playback. This feature is also found on the Sony Walkman W202 although I never found the desperate need to utilize it.

Another thing that Sony improved is the jog dial. Instead of a wheel type jog dial which spins forward or back, the W252 comes with those toggle type jog lever that has a stops on either side. When the wheel is released, it springs back to the middle position. Shifting the jog lever left or right will skip to the next/previous track. Shift and hold the jog lever left or right will navigate to the next/previous folder. This makes organizing songs in folders on your W252 more useful. But you can’t forward/backward within a song.
Like the Sony Walkman W202, the W252 also comes with the ZAPPIN feature for easy navigation and song finding. Music transfer is easy with the included Content Transfer software (found inside the W252 storage).

Oh, and the Shuffle button is now repositioned to make accessing a lot easier. Cool. Now I don’t need to take out the headset to switch to shuffle.
The Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 comes in 4 trendy colours: Black, White, Lime Green and Pink with a suggested retail prce of $129. 2GB of storage with approx 1.68GB available for users. (But you can free up more space by backing up the Content Transfer Software to your PC) Oh, did I mention that it also comes with a stylo USB stand?

As a whole, I love all the changes Sony made to the W252. I hope the next version will come with bluetooth so that I can sync with my handphone to listen to MP3 and answer calls. Please Sony, put that feature in the next version.
In short:
A great Walkman for workout
Water Resistant
Jog Lever for navigation
Unique design – Suitable for exercise
Cannot forward/backward within a song
Only available in 2GB
Many thanks to Sony for giving me the W252. Now… what should I do with my W202? Hmmm…..
Update: Many people wrote to me asking for more info about the jog dial/lever. Here a close up photo of it.

The Jog Lever on the W252 is actually quite a good improvement over the Jog Dial on the W202. If you can, head down to the store and check it out.

I had the chance to play with the HTC EVO 4G for a short while thanks to Vishnu. He got the HTC EVO free when he attended the Google IO. Wow, Google is really treating the developers well by seeding them all the good device so that they can try out their new Android applications.

The HTC EVO 4G is perhaps the most advance phone currently in the market. It has a WiMAX chip which we couldn’t test out in Singapore since there is no WiMax service (except at the Singapore Strait) If I’m not wrong, this is the first 4th Generation phone in the market.

My first impression when I got the phone is that it is huge and bulky. It has a 4.3 inch screen just like the HTC HD2. It is 12.19 x 6.6 x 1.27 cm and weighs 170.1g. Strangely, the size is about the same as HD2, but it feels more bulky. Maybe because it is 20g heavier.

The HTC EVO runs on Android 2.1. Like all HTC Android phone, it comes with the popular HTC Sense UI. There are some talks online about being able to turn off Sense UI. I didn’t try that and I don’t know why would anyone want to do that. Oh well, personal preferences I guess.

The HTC EVO comes with a impressive 8 megapixel camera. It also has a 1.3 megapixel secondary camera which means you can do video conferencing. There is a MicroUSB port and a HDMI port. Yeap, you heard me right, HDMI port. Power right? Did I mention that there is a kickstand too? Great for watching video.

The problem with HTC EVO is that this phone is perhaps too ahead of it time. Sprint’s 4G network is limited at the moment. And they are charging US$10 for premium 4G data.

And by the way, the HTC EVO is using CDMA. Which means that you can’t use it in Singapore. Let’s wait for HTC to release a GSM version.

Took part in the Sex And The City 2 contest and won myself a pair of tickets to the Sex And The City 2 gala premiere. Get to watch SATC2 on 25th May, before the movie is release on 27th. And you can feel the increase in security patrolling the theater during the show. I guess they are worried someone might bring a video camera in.
I’m not a SATC fan. My exposure to SATC was 2 years ago when I watch the first movie. And I must say SATC1 is a very good movie. If you haven’t watched it (shame on you), go grab the DVD. I guess the girls are mostly interested in the fashion in Sex And The City. To me, I’m more interested in the well written script. And maybe to see if there is any unreleased HP products that sneaked int SATC2 movie. Sadly, there isn’t any.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t enjoy SATC2 as much as SATC1. Perhaps because this time round, it’s in another city. It’s Sex And Abu Dhabi, not New York anymore. No more glamourous fashion show and restaurant. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Or perhaps because there isn’t a big issue this time round unlike SATC1 where the big issue is Carrie and Mr Big breaking up. There wasn’t this emotion roller coaster ride which I was hoping for. OK, maybe just a small roller coaster ride towards the end. A very small one which is somewhat expected.
But then, I’m not a good movie critic and I certainly didn’t watch enough Sex And The City to comment much. I’m pretty sure the SATC fans will still watch the movie. Maybe not for the story but for the fashion. But some SATC fans were telling me that the fashion isn’t that fantastic too. I don’t know.

I took part in a flashmob last Saturday. It’s not just any flashmob. It’s a non-dancing flashmob. It’s The Great Audio Experience flashmob by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to celebrate a tobacco-free lifestyle. It is something like the MP3 Experiment in US.
But instead of listening to MP3, all participants tuned their radio to 987FM and listened to the instructions. Not bad for a first try although personally, I feel there are many areas where it can be improved. But hey, there is a great turnout and we had lots of fun. According to CNA, more than 1200 people took part in the flashmob. We broke the Singapore Records book for the Largest-ever radio-led flash mob.

Although I think we also broke the record for the largest non-dancing flashmob. That should be easy since all the flashmob by companies and PR agencies are dancing type. Seriously people, I hate to be a nag but we really need to stop doing dancing type flashmob and do something more interesting type. HBP took the lead and show us that flashmob doesn’t need to be dancing.
If you are a company or PR agency planning a dancing type flashmob, please don’t. Seriously, dancing flashmob has been over done. Just remember this: Every time a company does a dancing flashmob, a penguin dies.
You don’t want to kill those cute little penguins right?