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In case you don’t know, starting from 3 July 2010 (which is yesterday), all commuters will be charged a fare according to the total distance travelled, on the bus, LRT and MRT. The new distance fares will charge commuters based on the distance they travel and will not penalize commuters for making transfers.
Boarding charges will be higher with the changes. On buses, they will go up 2 cents to 71 cents, and increase 3 cents to either 71 cents or 76 cents on trains. 2/3 commuters will see their transport fare goes down while the remaining 1/3 will see an increase in their fares.
If you are interested to see if your fare goes up or down, head down to gothere.sg and calculate your transport fares. Gothere.sg provides a better fare calculation than the official PublicTransport@sg site by letting you know your old fares and new fares.
Sadly, I’m the 1/3 commuters that see an increase in my fare. And it’s a huge increase lor! My old fare is $1.52 and my new fare will be $1.67. That’s a $0.15 increase.

This could be the biggest fare increase EVER in my lifetime. In the past, fare hike is just $0.02 or $0.03.
And interestingly, Facebook and Twitter is filled with people saying that their fares has gone up after the new distance fare charging. I thought only 1/3 commuters will see increase. How come almost all my friends see an increase in their fare? Is it really 1/3 commuters will see an increase? Or is 1/3 greater than 2/3?
What about you? What is your old transport fee and new transport fee? Post in the comment. And yes, I’m still desperately looking for the 2/3 commuters who see a decrease in their fares. Let me know who you are. Let me envy you. In the meantime, let’s us all be happy that they haven’t push us into the train yet.


  1. in my case, if i take my usual route, i see a decrease of 7cents – that’s if i change bus. from $1.21 + $0.19 (after 50c rebate) to $1.33. (and the 2nd bus stops just outside my office)
    but if i take a direct bus, there’s an increase of 2cents. from $1.31 to $1.33 (which i have to walk a 1 bus stop distance to office)
    my conclusion is.. changing bus might be a better idea than taking a direct bus.
    .-= cl0udi3´s last blog ..Super Junior – No Other =-.

  2. previously using student fares, fares are standard, 45cents no matter the distance.
    1st trip would cost 45cents, while transferring would be 10cents cheaper, no matter the distance for student fares.
    now, My trip somewhere cost me 55cents today, just for the first ride.
    School’s starting tomorrow, I’ll see how much more or less it’ll cost tomorror onwards.

  3. Bltzkri3g: Envy envy.
    Cloudi3: But the question is, which way is faster? The direct bus route or the 1 you need to change bus?

  4. more expensive now. wth. wanna increase fare just say, go to all this trouble. probably 1/3 pay less and 2/3 paid more, as opposed to what they claim.

  5. my fair is up too… by 5 cents…
    trust singapore to only have this PTC to inform us that an increase in fares is actually a decrease!

  6. HOLY SHEET, MY FARE USED TO BE 45cents(1st bus), 35cents (2nd bus) , now it’s 36cents for my first ride, and only 5cents for the second bus! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA
    from 80cents total fare, to a mere 41cents to go to school! HAHAHHAHAHAH

  7. Well, all my family members only need one bus trip to their work place.
    I am sure it will not make sense to make a transfer when the current route is comfortable (take a nap) but a little long. Again it will not make any sense to make a transfer if you consider the bus waiting time and the possible crowd.
    The statement “2/3 of the commuters will see no change in the fare” maybe not true.
    Note: No one will ever know how many people actually need only a bus/MRT trip or one or more than one transfers to reach their work place everyday, except PTC and its gang. Time will tell whether these guys are telling the truth.
    Till then, all the members in my family concluded this is a fare hike exercise.

  8. I use to take MRT from Koven to Little India, the senior citizen concession fare is use to be about $0.75. Now I have to pay for $ 1.05.
    It is ALMOST 50% UP

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