There is a new mayor at my office

After nearly 2 months of intense checking-in on FourSquare, I’m finally the mayor of my office! Woohoo!!!!
Now, let’s see what’s the benefits of being the mayor of my office? Hmmmm……
Can I get extra 1 day leave when I apply for leave? No.
Can I come in for work late? No.
Can I leave work early? No.
Can I take longer lunch break? No.
Can I have 2 monitors for my desktop? ALSO NO!
Wait a minute…. why did I bother checking in faithfully everyday when there is no mayor privileges? Maybe should consider talking to HR to get them to give some mayorship benefits for the employee who is holding the mayorship on FourSquare. Wahahahahaha….
Well, at least I got the bragging rights. After all, it’s a bit the lose face if I’m not the mayor of the office on FourSquare as my job involves social media.
Now the next thing I need to do is to defend my mayorship. Hahahahaha…..

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