Got questions on digital security? Just ask Gemalto

Ever wonder what should you do if you lost your mobile phone? Or how safe is online banking? Or how do you prevent spyware and malware? Well, you can email me and I can give you the answer. BUT there is another better way to get answers to your digital security questions. Just ask Gemalto.

Before I talk more about the website, let me talk briefly about Gemalto. Most of you might not have heard of them. Honestly, I also never heard of them until recently. But do you know that you might be using their product already? Try take out your Credit Card (those with the Smart Card Chip) and check the fine prints on the card. Chances are you will see the wording “GEMALTO”. Some of your Internet Banking 2FA token might also be made by Gemalto. And our new Singapore Passport also has security features from Gemalto. They are around us, just that we hardly notice them.

So when it comes to digital security, there is no doubt that Gemalto is one of the experts here. And they are sharing their knowledge on a new webportal call JustAskGemalto. JustAskGemalto is a success in the United States and France, serving more than one million visitors. Now the site wants to reach out to consumers in Asia and arm them with the necessary information and advice to help them enjoy a digital lifestyle with peace of mind. JustAskGemalto’s Q&A format is organized along six themes reflecting modern, daily lives: Buying, Surfing, Traveling, Communicating, Working and Personal Data. And if the questions is not on the website, you can always post a question and the experts will answer your question.
So if you have a question on digital security, check out JustAskGemalto.
To mark the Singapore launch of, Gemalto is offering consumers a chance to win an iPad. Two iPads will be given away and the contest period is from 15 July to 15 November 2010. Consumers simply have to visit and answer five questions on online security, taken from the JustAskGemalto web site.

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