The iPad are coming to Singapore

OK, in case you still haven’t heard about this, the iPad will be launched in Singapore this coming Friday. 23 July 2010. The pricing is pretty interesting too. Check it out.
iPad WiFi
16GB: S$728
32GB: S$878
64GB: S$1,028
iPad WiFi + 3G
16GB: S$928
32GB: S$1,078
64GB: S$1,228
If you use the latest currency exchange rate, the Singapore iPad is a few dollars cheaper than the iPad in US.
Oh ya, and iPhone 4 will be coming to Singapore next Friday (30 July 2010). That is something I can’t wait. Who cares about iPad anyway? Hahahaha….. (Take cover before all the iPad fans wack me)
Update: I made a mistake in the calculation. The pricing is slightly more expensive than US.


  1. Walter: You going to queue up for the iPad?
    I think there will be queue. But don’t think it will be as long as the iPhone queue.
    Maybe you can try buy it a few days after the launch. I think the queue will be shorter. But then, I don’t know if they still got stock by then. 🙂

  2. Which exchange rate are you using? Seems like all the iPads are more expensive in SG with the exception of the 64 GB 3G model.

  3. brisance & joe: Thanks for pointing out my error in currency conversion. Edited my post. 🙂
    Strange…. how did I make that mistake? Hmmm……

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