Magic Trackpad magically appears in Apple Store

With all the iPad and iPhone discussion going around, Apple thinks that they could pull off a magic trick by adding a Magic Trackpad on the online store without anyone noticing.

Sorry Apple, tough luck here. We saw that Magic Trackpad sneaking in. In fact, rumors of a gigantic trackpad surfaces back in June. But I must say that the timing took us by surprise. Between the iPad and iPhone launch in Singapore? Wow, the folks at Apple must be super busy lately.
The Magic Trackpad uses Bluetooth to connect to your iMac (or MacBook / MacBook Pro if you insist). It works the same as the Trackpad on your MacBook. Which means you can perform the same shortcut gestures now on your iMac with the Magic Trackpad. Now, that’s magical.
The Magic Trackpad looks pretty good when placed next to the Bluetooth Keyboard. And it runs on 2 AA battery.
Speaking of AA battery, Apple has also started selling Rechargeable Battery and Charger. Seriously, if someone told me that this morning, I’ll say that’s a joke.
The Magic Trackpad is selling at a magically price of S$98 while the Battery Charger + 6 AA Rechargeable Battery cost S$44.

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