Samsung Human Torch Youth Olympic Games 2010

Time check, we are 18 days away from the first ever Youth Olympic Games. As you are reading this (assuming you read it on the day I post), the Youth Olympic Flame is making its way around the world before arriving in Singapore on the 6th Aug 2010.

Samsung, The International Presenting Partner of the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) and Worldwide Olympic Partner, celebrated the lighting of the Youth Olympic flame in Greece with a spectacular mass formation in the shape of a torch last Friday. 2010 students from six educational institutions came together to form and illuminate this mass display at the celebration site at Merchant Loop. The six educational institutions are: Assumption English School, ITE East, Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic.
The illumination of the torch formation at 20:10hrs Singapore time also coincides with the lighting of the Olympic Flame in Greece on 23 July 2010.
Here’s a photo of the Samsung Human Torch that I took at the event.

Here is another photo of the Samsung Human Torch from another angle. (Stolen from the press release)

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering how I took the first photo, let me say that I’m not at Liang Court or Novotel. In fact, you can actually see my position from the press release photo. Can you see me? 🙂
*Oldspice tone* I’m on a crane. Do do do doot doo do do dooot.

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