StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

12 years ago, Blizzard Entertainment launched the successful StarCraft. I still remember being hooked on the game, spending hours at home playing mission after mission. I also remember playing StarCraft with my friend in poly and avoiding sysadmin. Those were the days. StarCraft is one of the best real-time strategy game for me.

Well, after several years of development and an extensive beta test that resulted in focused feedback from thousands of players worldwide, Blizzard Entertainment finally released StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty yesterday in Singapore and and several other countries. The launch event was at Funan. I managed to rush down during lunchtime to check out the crowd. The queue is crazy. I think the last time I saw such a long queue was at the iPhone 3G launch.

Come to think of it, there are lots of queuing opportunities for Singaporeans lately. The iPad queue last Friday, the StarCraft II queue yesterday and the iPhone 4 queue this coming Friday. I wonder who is queuing for all 3. has been redesigned from the ground up with several enhancements and new features, such as voice communication, cloud file storage, leagues and ladders, achievements, stat-tracking, and more. The Southeast Asian version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty gives players immediate access to play on servers based in Southeast Asia, alongside gamers from Australia and New Zealand. This datacenter provides high-quality gameplay and connectivity for local gamers, as well as a deeper, more accessible community experience complete with exclusive multiplayer leagues and ladders. Blizzard also intend to let players in Southeast Asia have the ability to play on North American servers at no additional cost. This option is not available currently but Blizzard will make it available no later than 60 days after launch. But of course it would be better for players to use local servers as they offer lower latency.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is retailing at S$109. You can also purchase the game digitally at
I guess the world’s productivity level is about to go down for the next couple of months.

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