Coming soon: iPhone App

We heard rumors that is doing a iPhone App for almost a year. Well, it’s finally official. has submitted their iPhone App to Apple App store for approval. Check out this short demo video.

Some of you might be wonder why the need for a native iPhone App when the mobile site is already doing a good job. Well, the loading time for native App definitely beats the mobile site. You have less things to load. You don’t need waste time and bandwidth to load the interface. The interface is already on the App itself. And you can do lots of fancy stuff on the native App that a mobile website can’t. And most importantly, branding. Having your application on Apple App store’s top 25 downloaded application is a good form of advertising for your company.
Good job team! Looking forward to seeing it on the Apple App store soon. I guess there shouldn’t be any problem getting approval.
And the next big question now is……. When will you guys be releasing Android version? And BlackBerry, Symbian, MeeGo, Bada, Windows Phone 7 etc etc etc….. You get my point. 🙂

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