Singapore got talent – 53A

Sorry for the lack of blog and twitter update for the past few days. As most of you guys should know (I hope), my company had a big product launch last Thursday night. As I’m typing this on Saturday afternoon, I’m still feeling dead tired from the crazy week. Which makes me wonder how did I even drag myself to go drinking last night…..
ANYWAY….. as I was running all over the place in and out of the busy event hall last Thursday evening, I was being entertained by great music from a local band call 53A. OK, I know I’m always many steps slower than most people when it comes to music. They are all over the Singapore music scene and I only heard of them last Thursday. Tsk tsk….
Didn’t have time to really pause and enjoy the music. But I must say they are pretty good. They even use the iPhone piano app to play a few songs. Didn’t manage to take my camera and record them in action. But here’s some video that I found online. Enjoy!

Check out their blog.
Someone told me that I know Sara Wee’s sister. Singapore is small.


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