OK, I keep telling people that I won’t buy an iPad. But I don’t mind if someone gives me one. The iPad is more like a “want” than a “need”. I don’t necessary need it. To me, my iPhone is able to do most of the things.
Until the Flipboard came along.

Isn’t that cool?!?! A personal magazine with content that I want to see. And the KILLER feature is where it add contents that your friends share on Twitter and Facebook. This is so amazing. In fact, it is so good that it overwhelmed Flipboard’s servers. Currently, Flipboard is limiting the rate that they are accepting new Facebook and Twitter connections. But once they sort out the overwhelming issues, it’s going to be a MUST HAVE app on all iPad.
OK, this Flipboard is really making me want to own a iPad. And you know what’s the other best thing about Flipboard? It’s free!
Check out their interview with Building 43.

OK, I must control. Will not buy a iPad. Besides, it’s sold out in Singapore already. Yeap, most places sold out within a couple of hours on Friday morning. But if anyone want to give me an iPad, I would love to have a 16GB 3G + WIFI iPad. Thank you! 😀
PS: I hate to say this but somehow I got this feeling that the Flipboard will not be the only reason why I would buy an iPad. But for now, it’s the only reason.

Just updated my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0.1. One of the “improvement” is the reception bar.

I don’t know about you. But 1 bar is still 1 bar to me no matter how long it is. 😛
On another note: Endure a bit longer. iPhone 4…. iPhone 4…. iPhone 4….

Have you ever wonder what happen around the world on a single day? Well, film makers Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald plans to find out. But it is impossible for them to document the world in a single day. That’s why they are getting the YouTube community to help. YES, this is going to be the world largest user generated feature film.
All you need to do is to get your camera ready on 24 July 2010 (Tomorrow). From 12:01am to 11:59pm (your local time), capture a glimpse of your life on camera and upload it to YouTube by 31 July.
But not all submission will be used (else the feature film will last several hundreds or even thousands of hours.) The final film will be made up of a selection of the most distinct and compelling videos submitted.

The film will premier at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2011 and uploaded on YouTube too. If your video get selected for the final film, you will be credited as a “co-director” in the credits that appear at the end of the film. Cool huh?

It’s official! 3G VOIP calls using Skype iPhone app will remain free. Woohoo!!!
(Your usual data charges still apply hor)

I was kinda worried when the previous version of Skype iPhone app (2.0) said that 3G calls will be free until end of Aug. I guess many people wrote in to Skype regarding this. So Skype had decided not to charge for 3G calls. Nice.
Well, actually this isn’t the biggest news. The biggest news is the new version of Skype iPhone app. Skype 2.0.1 now supports multi-tasking in iOS 4. Which means you can let Skype run in the background. Imagine receiving Skype call or IM while you are using other apps or your iPhone is locked. It’s like another phone line already. But this phone uses your data instead of your voice airtime.
Remember, multi-tasking only works on iPhone 3GS and above.

Light is written, arranged and produced by 7 States (Eunice Olsen and Rennie Gomes) and dedicate Light to the athletes of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.
Honestly, I feel that it is better than the official YOG Theme song, Everyone. And definitely a million times better than that YOG cheer.
Go Singapore!!!
7 States – Light

Another day another night as questions fill your head
It doesn’t matter what they say you feel the need to break
You say that no one understands the pain you hesitate
And hide your feelings inside
Even though it feels uncertain
The storm will break away
And we know that time is penance
So leave the fear don’t let it blind you
When you feel you wanna fall
There’s a part of you that’s sinking
You are not alone, there’s someone there
Soldier on don’t stop the fight
With the light that surrounds you
So don’t let go
Cos’ hope will lead the way
If life’s a journey so where does it start where does it end
A fleeting moment with a precious thought, a precious friend
The circumstance will change but strength of heart remains the same
You know it comes from within
Even though it feels uncertain
The storm will break away
And we know that time is penance
So leave the fear don’t let it blind you
Don’t, don’t ever look back
No matter how hard it seems
Try, whenever you try
You’ll see that the light will find its way around you
You can download this song for free at http://soundcloud.com/7-states/light.

Have you seen the latest trailer for the upcoming movie about Facebook called The Social Network? Wow, I thought it’s going to be one boring movie. But from the trailer, it seems to be rather interesting. Maybe more interesting than Mark Zuckerberg himself. 😛
But here is an interesting thing. The American trailer and the International trailer got 1 little difference. They replaced the F word in the lyrics for the American trailer. Check this out.
American version
At around the 50 second mark.

International version
At around the 42 second mark.

Strange. Why is it that the American version doesn’t use the F word? You mean the F word is being censored in the Country of free speech? How could that be possible??? Where is the human rights? Surely the Americans deserves to have the F word in their song! Right? Haha.
And don’t you think the International version sounds a lot better? Yes, the F word makes a lot of difference. It brings the mood to the viewers. Can really feel the anger and frustration that the song is trying to express to the listeners.
But don’t be too happy. Here in Singapore, we will most likely be seeing the F-less version in cinema. Boo!!!!
Oh, and in case you are wondering, the song is being sang by a Belgian girls choir call Scala & Kolacny Brothers. I must say that they did the best cover of Radiohead’s Creep. BEST ever man.
The trailer prompted me to look for more songs by Scala & Kolacny Brothers on Youtube. I found this cover of U2’s With or Without You. Love it too. Been playing their song in office non-stop.
Scala & Kolacny Brothers – With or Without You (U2 cover)

Hmmm….. I wonder if I can find their album anywhere in Singapore.
PS: Fantastic right? From The Social Network trailer can side track until so far. Hahaha. Don’t take this post seriously. 🙂