Isn't there a better way to wish residents a Happy National Day?

Every year, when National Day approaches, I can’t help but notice these big signboard that were being put up by my Town Council.

I’m sure you have seen it at your estate. And they get bigger and more creative each year. If I’m not wrong, even the opposition wards have this too. They always have something similar….. the photo of all your MPs. Sometimes I wonder, whose birthday is it anyway? Singapore’s birthday or my MPs? OK, maybe it’s the MPs wishing us residents a Happy National Day. So must put their photos there.
Then here is my question….. isn’t there a better way to wish residents a Happy National Day?
Come on! How insincere can a signboard be? If you really want to wish residents a Happy National Day, why not come to our doorstep? I haven’t seen anyone of you standing outside my door before. OK, maybe I’m asking too much because there are a lot of residents in my GRC. How about visiting the market on a Sunday morning to wish everyone a Happy National Day instead? Wouldn’t that be a lot more sincere than a cold heartless signboard of your photo?
Actually, my biggest problem is not with the insincerity of these Happy National Day greetings. My biggest problem is that these money can be put in better use. Like scholarship for the students or helping the poor and needy. I don’t know how much each signboard cost. S$1000 maybe? I guess there are at least 20 in my neighborhood. And they are lighted up with bright lights every night. Those money can be put in better use.
Look, the best way to wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day is to save these money and use it to help our fellow Singaporeans on National Day itself. Let them know that they are not left behind. Don’t waste your money on those cold heartless signboard. Put those money in better use.


  1. Esther: Wow, not bad. But still, I would prefer if they save the money and put it into better use. 🙂
    Rinaz: You still paying taxes?

  2. all to easy to criticize but not so easy to have a better suggestion.
    Honestly, i actually like it,
    like how they ensured that the people in the pic (has all the races), remind us who is their MP, and instill some spirits of national day.
    If they do not do this, then what can they do? u got a better idea (doing nothing does not count)

  3. visual: If you read carefully, I’ve already given a better suggestion.
    I don’t understand what is the point of having posters of models of all race hanging around the estate. That is fake social harmony. If I want to see real social harmony in action, all I need to do is to go to the neighborhood void deck and playground to see people of all races chatting and playing together.
    And why do I need posters to remind me who is my MPs? Shouldn’t they be doing things like representing me in parliament to REMIND me that they are my MPs? It’s really sad if my MPs need to use cold heartless signboard to remind me that they represent me. Don’t you think so?
    I’ve already given my ideas and suggestion. I can’t do anything about it if I never have a chance to see my own MPs right? Which is quite ironic since these 4 people are supposed to represent me yet I’ve never met them in real life before. How is that so? I’m not expecting to see them infront of my doorstep (although that might be good). But at least show up at the market or neighborhood more often. How difficult is that? Must I really queue up at the meet the resident session to have a chat with the people who represent me?
    And by blogging about this, I am already putting my ideas into action. The people from town councils might see this and suggest to the MP who might take up my suggestion.
    So, in case you still didn’t get my suggestion. My suggestion is to save those money from making the useless signboard and spend them on other stuff like helping the needy.

  4. Me am looking forwards to the days Singaporeans VOLUNTARILY put up the National Flags and Banners, organize events to celebrate National Day themselves and contribute their ideas on how to go about celebrating.
    All, if not, majority of the shows to date seemed to be organized by the PAP.

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