Ask DK: Can you recommend a good .SG Domain Registrar

Been getting quite a number of emails asking me to recommend a good .SG Domain Registrar. Well, I’m not an expert in choosing .SG Domain Registrar. I was lucky to pick 1 that works fine for me.
Currently, I’m using Cybersite for all my .SG domain registration. The reason why I choose them is because they are one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) Registrar around. (Sigh….. Typical Singaporean) Registration fee for a .SG domain cost just S$39 per year. That’s pretty cheap.
But here is the catch. They don’t have a online system for you to self service. If you want to buy a domain or change DNS, your request will only be process during office hours. This is quite bad for things that are time sensitive. But if you can afford to wait a bit, then I would recommend Cybersite as they are cheap and so far I haven’t gotten any problems from them. Besides, I don’t change my DNS frequently. So not an issue for me.
Oh, the reason why I’ve been getting quite a number of emails asking me to recommend a .SG Domain Registrar is because all the .SG Domain Registrars are having National Day promotion for .SG domain registration now. .SG domain cost just S$5 for the month of August. Pretty affordable. So what are you waiting for?
Hmmmmm…….. Maybe I should buy a few Domains and park at my webhost too. Oh, if you are looking for a good webhost, try HostGator.


  1. I’m using AXGN ( ) , the guy in charge is pretty much online 24/7 , If i suddenly have the urge to buy, I can just simply bug him on msn and buy immediately.
    mine cost 40dollars a year, guess yours is cheaper

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