Unhappiness passes with time but happiness always endure


Nah, this is not some new word. It’s an art installation by Health Promotion Board for the World Mental Health Day in October.
The 20m by 3m art installation, entitled “Smile”, is made out of ice and resin, intersperses the word “Smile” and “Frown”. The word “Frown” is made of ice and will melt away while “Smile” remains solid. This is an artistic interpretation of the often-quoted saying that unhappiness passes with time but happiness and optimism always endure. Very clever idea.

The word FROWN is melting away as I’m blogging now. If you are interested, come down to Vivocity and check it out. It’s located near the bus stop. But you better come quick before the whole frown melts away under this crazy weather.
But come to think of it, what’s wrong with melting too quickly? Don’t we all want the unhappiness to go away quickly? 🙂


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