Time lapse – SFMRIOLWEN

Here the time lapse video of the “Smile” art installation outside Vivocity done by Chester last Friday. Pretty impressive.

If you look carefully, you will notice me in the time lapse video too. Can you find it? It’s somewhere at the 4:03 mark. You need to look very carefully as the photo changes very quickly. 1 blink and you’ll miss it.
For those who can’t find it, here’s a few screenshots. 🙂

You can also see me again at the 4:22 mark. Wanted to get Amsie to join me in the time lapse hijacking, but she refused.
This time lapse thing is fun. Now I feel like getting a timer remote and a tripod for my Canon G11 and try some time lapse myself. I think that would be fun.
Update: Chester just uploaded an edited version with some caption. Check it out. At the 4:03 mark again.


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