Open letter to the 31st NUSSU EXCO (Balloon Release on NUS Rag Day 2010)

Hi Jun Yi, Christopher, Jia Han, Ria, Jason, Michelle and Kenny
I’m writing this open letter to all of you with regards to the NUS Rag Day 2010 opening ceremony that is organised by the 31st NUSSU EXCO. In case you all forgot what happen, here is a Youtube video.

I’m not sure if you guys are aware of the harmful effects of balloon release. If you don’t, please spare a few minutes to read this website by Marine Conservation Society.
I don’t know why is here a need to release balloon for a charity project like NUS Rag Day. Surely there are better way to mark the opening of a Charity Project.
I hope that you guys understand the harmful effect of balloon release. Here is a small request from me. Please put a ban on balloon release in NUS. Write it down somewhere in the NUSSU constitution so that your future EXCO will not repeat the same mistake again. I hope I don’t have to write another open letter to the next NUSSU EXCO.
Thank you for your time.
Yours faithfully


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