There is a market for non camera phone

After blogging about the HTC Touch2 non camera version, I received several emails and comment asking about the phone. I was expecting some interest in the phone, but didn’t expect the interest to be this big. And when I check my blog stats last Saturday, I discovered that there are quite a number of people googling for it.

It’s actually no surprise that there is still a demand for non camera phone, especially in Singapore where every male citizen need to go thru 2 years of national service and 10 cycle of reservist. The influx of camera phones means our men in green have very limited options when shopping for handphone.
I’m not sure if all these interest in the latest HTC Touch2 non camera edition translate to sales. But I’m pretty sure many NSmen/NSF/Regulars are eyeing on it. If the specs is good and the price is reasonable, I’m sure it will sell like hotcakes.
I really hope more handphone makers will release a non camera version for their phones. There is definitely a market for non camera phone.


  1. u are not the first one who realise this. its no coincedence that when the htc snap and now the htc touch 2 came out it was sold out.
    yet the phone companies don’t realise it. I think the editor is affiliated to one of the telcos and may want to raise this with them.
    i have done my part by writing to HTC, but they only give me standard answer

  2. i agree that there is a market for non camera phone. Its sad that the handphone manufacturers don’t realise it.
    Don’t forget that in addition to SAF, there are also a number of commercial companies that restrict their employees from holding camera handphone.

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