Windows 95 turns 15 years old

Oops, almost forgot about this. Happy Belated Birthday Windows 95!
Windows 95 was launched on 24 August 1995. It is a significant change from the older Windows 3.1. I still remember using Windows 95 for the first time in my Secondary School’s library. Took me some time for me to figure out how to use it. Before that, I was using MSDOS and Windows 3.1. Little did I know that 15 years later, some of the things that were on the Windows 95 are still seen in the latest Windows 7. Like start button and recycle bin.
I wonder who is still using Windows 95 now. Personally, I prefer Windows 98 which is much more stable than Win 95.
Happy 15th Birthday Windows 95. You still haven’t reach the legal drinking age yet. Haha.
Oh, here is some promotional videos done by Microsoft 15 years ago. They look kinda cheezy now. Maybe it is popular back then. Or maybe it’s already considered cheezy back then.

I don’t know about you, but somehow this reminds me of the Window 7 party video. Some things doesn’t change.

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