As expected, RIM announced their first Tablet during the BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 at San Francisco. It’s call the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a 7 inch Tablet. It is 13 x 19.4 x 1 cm and weighs 400 grams. Runs on BlackBerry Tablet OS powered by QNX technology. 1 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. This thing is powerful. Supports HTML 5 and Flash 10.1 with hardware-accelerated video. A 3 Megapixel HD front facing camera for video conferencing and a 5 Megapixel HD back facing camera for taking photos/videos. And we are talking 1080p HD video recording here. It supports 1080p HD video playback and has a HDMI video out. Amazing stuff.

The BlackBerry PlayBook has out-of-the-box compatibility with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, making it a truly Professional Tablet. The most interesting part about the BlackBerry PlayBook is the integration with a BlackBerry handheld. All you need is to pair the PlayBook with your existing BlackBerry phone and you will be able to access your email, calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, tasks, documents etc etc on your PlayBook. The current version has no SIM card slot on the PlayBook. RIM intend to release a 3G and 4G version in the futrue. So in the meantime, it will access the internet thru wireless tethering with your BlackBerry phone or WIFI.
Somehow, this reminds me of the Palm Foleo which was cancelled back in 2007. It seems like my prediction of the future might be coming true.

I really feel that the future should be where your mobile phone remain in your pocket, and a large screen device is being used to access the data.

The positioning of this device is pretty interesting. It looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook will be tied closely with the BlackBerry phone. Perhaps this will help RIM sell more BlackBerry phones. Or keep the existing BlackBerry users on the BlackBerry OS platform. But the only drawback for the PlayBook is that it is not able to show its full capabilities if you are not a BlackBerry user. And with all the processing power and 1080p video playback, I wonder how will the battery life be. I can’t wait to try out the BlackBerry PlayBook myself.
RIM will release the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK to developers in the coming weeks. No news about the pricing yet. Expect to see the BlackBerry PlayBook launching in US some time Q1 2011. The rest of the world might need to wait till Q2 2011. More details about the PlayBook will be released when we get closer to the launch date.
On a side note, I kinda hate the naming. Maybe it’s just me.

I heard there was another flood on 22 September along Bukit Timah. Why am I not surprised?
PM Lee said already, don’t expect flood-free Singapore. Indeed, we should expect flooding whenever there is an heavy rain. I think even developing countries don’t flood as often as we do.
Whenever there is a heavy rain, I use Twitter to search for the hashtag #sgflood. It’s good to know which area is flooded so that I can make a detour and avoid the flooding area.
Don’t say netizens are just a bunch of people who complain and complain. We’ve created the best crowd sourcing flood warning system in the world. It’s better than PUB’s flash flood warning whenever there is a heavy rain. PUB’s “so called” warning is like boy crying wolf. Whenever there is a heavy rain, PUB will issue flash flood warning. After a while, people just ignore these useless warning. The #sgflood warning is different. It usually comes with a picture of the situation. That’s what we call “No Picture No Talk” (NPNT).
So the next time when there is a heavy rain, go search for #sgflood on twitter. It’s far more accurate than PUB’s standard-whenever-there-is-a-heavy-rain flash flood warning.
Speaking of flooding in Singapore, do you notice that we are getting more and more floods lately? It’s no longer once every 50 year event. I think its almost once a month or lesser. I don’t know if PUB can do anything about it. I guess we should make full use of it while PUB struggle to find a solution. (Provided there is a solution) How about taking up Urban Kayaking and Urban Wakeboarding as an extreme sport.

Maybe we should convince IOC to add urban wakeboarding to the Olympics. Then we can finally get a Olympic Medal without the help of any foreign talents. But we need more flood so that our citizens can practice. The Russians are already having a head start.

Mariah Carey was in Singapore over the weekend to perform at the 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. During the song ‘Make It Happen’, Mariah Carey accidentally slipped on stage. She was quickly approached by her male dancers and helped to get back on her feet. She jokingly told the audience that she did it on purpose and got their crew to help her remove the heels.
The show goes on as the crew were helping her remove the heels. Respect for the Diva.

This incident reminds me of the killer heels that Agyness Deyn wore for the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Seriously, who invented these thing? Are they even meant for walking to begin with?

If you visit Google home page today, you will notice the birthday cake doodle. It’s Google’s 12th birthday.

Here is something interesting. Google was officially incorporated on 7 September 1998. So rightfully, its birthday should be on the 7th September. True enough, Google has been celebrating its birthday on the 7th until 2005. So what happen in 2005 that made Google change it’s birthday?
I found an article that talked about Google’s Birthday. According to the article, Yahoo announced that their index was larger than Google’s in 2005. Because of that, Google push their birthday back to 27th September for the announcement of the record-breaking number of pages the search engine was sifting through. Ever since then, Google begin celebrating their birthday on 27th September instead of 7th September.
You still with me? Honestly speaking, I have no idea why the need to change their Birthday from 7th to 27th September. If you know the rational behind it, please let me know. But then, it’s their Birthday and they can choose to have their cake anytime they like. So who cares if it is 7th or 27th September.
Happy 12th Birthday Google!

I think a lot of you have seen the YouTube video titled “Stressed”. It’s a video of a lady scolding people on the SMRT train. At one point, she was scolding a guy who sat on the priority seats and chasing him away. The video is fast becoming viral. The original video has gotten more than 160,000 views and there are several other version of it.
I’m not going to post the video here and promote it.
It really sadden me when I read the nasty comments left on YouTube and other forums. Yes, she is clearly having some mental problems. Anyone with some IQ can tell. Why are we, the mentally sound people, making fun of her online? Shouldn’t we show more compassion for her condition? Think about her family members. How would you feel after reading those comments if you are related to her?
And I agree that this is one of the more violent cases I’ve seen. But if you just walk away and leave her alone, it should be alright. In the worst case scenario, just call the SMRT station staff or police for help.
I wonder why the person recorded the video and post it on YouTube. What message are you trying to tell the world other than the fact that you have a iPhone 4?
I wish her family members will bring her to seek some medical attention. I hope they don’t mind the nasty comments online. This kind of things some time makes me wonder who is more mentally unsound, the lady or the commentors?