Twitter switched to OAuth – Some 3rd party client might not work

OK, I know I’m slow on this news. Twitter switched to using OAuth for 3rd party client login on 31 Aug 2010.
The move to OAuth is a good one. Actually they should have done it long time ago. OAuth provides more security and a better experience. Applications won’t store the Twitter username and password anymore. The best part is that when you change your Twitter password, 3rd party applications will continue to work. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve tried changing my Twitter password once and it is not an easy task. Basically, all your 3rd party clients stop working. You need to manually re-enter the password for all 3rd party client. Well, not anymore with OAuth.
But here’s a little problem. Your old 3rd party Twitter client most likely won’t work anymore because it isn’t using OAuth. So if the developer for your current Twitter client has stopped maintaining the application, you can kiss that client goodbye and look for a new one. Or if the developer is slow in rolling out the updates, you might not be able to use the client from 31 Aug 2010 onwards until a new update is released. By right all developers would have enough time to amend their applications. Twitter announced its plans to switch to OAuth since early June.
So if you are having problem with your Twitter 3rd party client since 31 Aug 2010, try check with the developer to see if there is any updates.

I guess this means I can kiss the good old Twitterific goodbye. The developer seems to have stop updating it and switched to the new Twitterific for Twitter. I don’t really like the look of the new Twitterific for Twitter. Guess I’ll stick to the official Twitter for iPhone app.

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